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Blowmolder Bites the Dust

Olympus Plastics Ltd., a blowmolder of PE, PP and PVC plastic bottles and containers based in Richmond Hill, Ont., has gone into receivership. Its assets, which included seven Bekum blowmolding machin...

March 1, 1999   Canadian Plastics

Olympus Plastics Ltd., a blowmolder of PE, PP and PVC plastic bottles and containers based in Richmond Hill, Ont., has gone into receivership. Its assets, which included seven Bekum blowmolding machines, as well as a variety of auxiliary equipment, were liquidated through Crescent Commercial Corporation (Montreal) in February. Olympus, founded in 1978, employed 100 people and was owned by Mr. P. Katakouzinos.


The Society of Plastics Engineers recently introduced its Online Plastics Employment Network (OPEN) to assist employers, recruiters and plastics professionals connect with one annother. The service is free of charge for applicants.

Accessible from the SPE world wide website ( OPEN is an easy-to-use online searchable employment database. Plastics professionals looking for employment can enter the site to post their resume, search the job postings database for potential employment opportunities and conveniently respond to postings.

Prospective employers may post job opportunities and search for potential candidates in OPEN for a nominal fee.


NOVA Chemicals (Canada) Ltd. have successfully restarted their Sarnia styrene operation after a shutdown to complete the last phase of an 18 month, C$130 million upgrade project. Styrene monomer is the primary feedstock for NOVA’s polystyrene operations in Springfield, Massachusetts and Montreal, Quebec. The upgrade will result in lower production costs, and will increase production by 60 percent to 950 million pounds per year. The new process is also environmentally cleaner. The Sarnia styrene plant began production in 1977.


A file photo of a Poly Cello facility was inadvertently included in the article “Making the Move” in January’s issue. Poly Cello was not interviewed and did not participate in this article. Our apologies.


MAC Automation Concepts Inc. (Woodstock, IL) has appointed Ontario Heater & Supply Co. (Richmond Hill, Ont.) as exclusive representative in Canada. MAC manufactures conveyors, box filling systems, part/runner separators, guide skirts, drum and gaylord covers, mold side curtains and custom parts management systems.

Motan Inc. (Plainwell, MI), manufacturer of auxiliary equipment, is now offering a 24-hour emergency support service that features a direct link to advice at non-traditional times. During non-business hours, weekends and holidays, a qualified service representative will be on call to handle emergency service calls. When calling Motan’s toll-free service line (1-800/991-9921) during non-business hours, the recorded greeting provides an emergency contact number so that immediate contact with the on-duty consultant can be made. Motan is represented in Canada by Dier International, Unionville Ont.

Alpha Marathon Inc. , the manufacturer of blown film machinery has a new home office. The company’s new address is 170 Hanlan Rd., Woodbridge, Ont., L4L 3P6; tel: 905/265-9800; fax: 905/265-0420.

Filtroil North America Inc., (Charlottesville, VA) has appointed Blow Molding Parts & Systems Inc. (BMPS, Concord, Ont.), as representatives to the plastics industry in Ontario and Quebec. Filtroil manufactures ultra-fine on-board, by-pass filtration systems for injection and blow molding machines.


Ateq Corporation, Canton, Mich., has appointed a sales engineer to serve the Canadian market. Jeffrey Rees, based in Etobicoke, Ont., can be reached at

416/251-3441. Ateq manufactures leak, flow and pressure testing instruments used in a variety of plastics applications such as packaging, automotive, appliances, and medical devices.


SPE Ontario Tour , March 18, Mississauga, Ont. Contact: Paul Waller, 416/745-0500, ext 25.

Screw and Barrel Technology for Injection Molding, March 29-30, Windsor, Ont. SME/CPIA. Contact: SME 800/733-4763. www. Includes in-plant workshop at Windsor Feedscrew (519/737-7222).

CPIA Mould Makers Meeting, March 25, Toronto , Ont. Contact: 416/323-1883.

Lean Manufacturing for Plastics, March 30-31, Chicago, IL. Contact: SME, 313/271-1500.

Blow Molding Applications, April 1-2, Ann Arbor, MI. SME. Contact: 313/271-1500, ext. 629

SPE Quebec Meeting, April 6, St-Laurent, Que. Contact: 514/626-6277.

CPMA Meeting, April 7, Cincinnati, OH. Contact: 703/684-4044.

CPIA Quebec Gala, April 10, St-Laurent, Que. Contact: 514/626-6277. SME Printing for Packaging, April 13-14, Atlanta, GA.

313/ 271-1500.

CTMA Windsor Meeting, April 15, Windsor, Ont. Contact: 519/ 653-7265.

SPE Ontario Meeting, April 15, Mississauga, Ont. Contact: P. Waller 416/ 754-0500, ext. 25

SPI Structural Plastics 1999, April 18-21 Boston, Mass. Contact: 202/ 974-5247.

SPE Quebec Meeting, April 20, Levis, Que. Contact: 514/ 626-6277.

EXPOPLAST, Oct.27-28, Montreal, Que. Contact CPIA 905/678-7748 CPL

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