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Auxiliary Equipment (October 01, 2003)

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Bridging the gap between portable and central chillersA new line of chillers from Encirc offers rugged construction in 5 to 30 HP configurations.Features include: Reservoir float switch to prevent th...

Bridging the gap between portable and central chillers

A new line of chillers from Encirc offers rugged construction in 5 to 30 HP configurations.

Features include:

Reservoir float switch to prevent the pump running ‘dry’.


Oversized stainless steel reservoir eliminates sharp temperature variations, providing a heat sink for stable system performance. The tank is cleanable and accessible through a removable cover.

Hot gas bypass capacity control which prevents excessive compressor cycling.

Cleanable 20 mesh filter ahead of evaporator to maintain clean, trouble-free operation.

Encirc Inc. 905-282-1334

Next generation rapid prototyping

Stratasys unveiled a revamped rapid prototyping system recently at the NPE. The FDM Vantage was designed to allow future upgrades to a larger modeling chamber, more material bays, and new modeling materials when developed. The machine was built on the company’s T-Class performance platform, which allows the use of high-temperature, high-performance thermoplastics. The FDM Vantage is the first mid-priced system to incorporate T-Class performance. The system comes with two thermoplastic modeling materials, ABS and polycarbonate.

Stratasys Inc. 888-480-3548

Extrusion yield control raised to a new level

Gravimetric blenders powered by new LineMaster software from Maguire raise extrusion yield control to a new level of simplicity and accuracy while enabling processors to enhance product consistency, save on raw material, shorten setup times and reduce scrap. This new technology makes advanced yield control available without the need for large, complex and costly hardware systems. The LineMaster system combines advanced blender controller software with Maguire’s Gravimetric Gateway, or G2, software for integrating blenders in a computer-controlled network. This system makes it possible for the blender controller to adjust two critical process parameters simultaneously.

Three yield-control configurations are possible with the LineMaster system: line speed, extruder throughput and extruder speed.

Nucon Wittmann Inc. 888-GO NUCON

Modular conveying system enhances flexibility

Sterling’s new modular conveying system includes both centralized vacuum systems as well as individual machine- and hopper-mounted compressed air units. The system provides processors with a commonality of components, controls, training and maintenance across the entire system. The modular pneumatic system is capable of conveying pellets, regrind or powder over long distances, and features enhanced flexibility for easy, economic expansion or reconfiguring.

The vacuum/pressure systems utilize high performance blowers or positive displacement pumps, consisting of SSK vacuum loaders, SSP powder loaders, plus associated filtering and automatic valving and control systems. PLC-based control enables automatic convey-on-demand, plus central monitoring and management of all conveying functions.

Dier International Plastics 905-474-9874

Lubricants tailored to plastic processing equipment

Petro-Canada has launched a new line of lubricants designed for the needs of plastics processors. The product line includes Hydrex hydraulic fluids, Calflo AF heat transfer fluid, Ultima gear oils, Precision greases and a wide selection of compressor fluids. The products are formulated for use in a variety of plastic processing applications including injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming and lamination.

“It is essential to use lubricants that can keep up with increasingly demanding operating conditions, including heat and extreme pressure experienced in the plastics processing industry,” says Brenda Jones, category manager, Petro-Canada.

The company’s patented HT purity process removes impurities in base oils that hinder performance of conventional lubricants.

Petro-Canada 800-268-5850

Dryer meets restricted space requirements

Bry-Air Systems has introduced new technology in its dryers. The EZ-Dry is a desiccant rotor-based drying system designed for short drying cycles, energy efficiency and long-term reliability for demanding molding requirements. The rotor technology improves energy efficiencies and also eliminates any dew point spiking. It has been designed for space, height and weight restrictions, but is a high-volume dryer. Capacities range up to 600 pounds per hour.

Bry-Air Systems 877-427-9247

Welding press offers minimized deflection

The new 20kHz pneumatically actuated ultrasonic welding press from Sonics & Materials has been redesigned to provide increased rigidity which translates into minimized deflection. The Model 2050 features rigid castings, CNC precision machined components, THK rails and bearings, increased throat depth, and increased column diameter and wall thickness. Other features include an inline 2.5-inch bore, 4-inch stroke pneumatic cylinder with a 6-inch optional. The redesigned front panel features up and down speed controls, pressure regulator and gauge, and head down switch for ease of setup. The improved, high-efficiency snap-in converter rotates 360 to simplify radial horn alignment. A threaded positive stop provides fine adjustment for welding and limits the downward travel of the horn. The newly designed base assembly features an integral base/mounting hub designed to enhance rigidity. It also features dual cycle start buttons and front emergency stop switch. Optional non-contact cycle start buttons are also available.

Sonics & Materials, Inc. 203-270-4600

Material handling adapts to needs

PIAB’s Modular Automation Tooling (PMAT) allows you to construct vacuum end effector tools for use on most automation equipment. The system allows you to meet your exact needs with minimal design time.

The tooling consists of a swivel arm assembly with a choice of various functional attachments, including a vacuum pump. The air-driven vacuum pump provides pressure through COAX technology and a connection for blow-off pressure. COAX is a new design based on PIAB’s multi-stage concept for creating vacuum with compressed air. The result is a smaller, more efficient and flexible technology that allows you to design a modular system.

PIAB Vacuum Products 800-321-7422

Universal hot runner controls have adaptive PID

Ewikon Hotrunner Systems HPS-C product range includes either 230V or universal controllers having 5V or 230V outputs from the same controller. The family consists of controller packages with up to 36 zones on a 230V controller. These multilingual controllers have adaptive PID-control with self-optimization. Using the intelligent start-up function, leakage current can be detected. The standard CANopen interface allows the controller to communicate easily with the injection molding machine equipment or with external components. In addition, the HPS-C has diagnostic functioning for mold setup and a storage capacity of up to four molds with the operating unit.

Ewikon Hotrunner Systems 847-844-9351

Granulators especially designed for pipes and profiles

This new line of ESP granulators is based on EconoGrind’s ES Series of heavy-duty granulators. Most conventional granulators have problems handling long pipes and profiles, requiring platforms or cavities to feed large, bulky materials. The ESP Series features ergonomic, automatic feeding, which significantly reduces the risk of blocking by regulating how much material is accepted at any time. The granulators are constructed from robust welded steel and are suitable for the most demanding applications.

Economizer, USA 508-399-3019

Pinhole and thin spots detector for trays

The TrayInspector, from Automated Vision Technology, Inc., is a turnkey machine vision system for web-based inline inspection of thermoformed trays. It detects pinholes and thin spots in real-time. It is the only pinholes and thin spots detector inspection system currently on the market for oven-able thermoformed trays. Features include simple operator interface, PC-based inspection system, multiple cameras inspection capability
and the ability to work with any type of trim press.

Automated Vision Technology, Inc. 719-260-6963

New laser alignment ensures straightness, prevents wear

Glycon Corp is using laser technology to detect — and help correct — misalignment in new and existing equipment. When barrels and screws are properly aligned, they last up to three times longer.

A thorough analysis, conducted in the customer’s plant, can take less than an hour and the technician can read any deviation from straightness to within 0.0005 inch of true centreline at any point along the barrel. Better than a conventional bore scope, the laser system is faster to set up and it generates two-axis readings in real time so no post-test analysis is needed. Glycon can apply these same laser measurement techniques to confirm alignment of molding machine injection units and platens (to minimize tie bar wear and prevent mold damage).

Glycon Corporation 800-255-9969

High efficiency compounding

PVC compounding is enhanced by the screw design and other new features incorporated in the Coperion Buss Quantec kneader. The kneader superimposes a radial mixing effect with the screw rotation and a lengthwise mixing effect caused by the oscillating motion of the screw, creating high mixing efficiency. The Quantec has 20% larger free volume in the intake screw area than in the downstream process section. Combined with a larger, square feed opening and a screw pitch modification, the Quantec provides more than double conveying capacity over the previous kneader generation. Increased conveying capacity eliminates the need for a crammer feeder and permits much higher feed rates.

Coperion Corporation 201-327-6300


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