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Auxiliary Equipment (August 01, 2004)

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Volumetric feeders feature flexibility...

Volumetric feeders feature flexibility

Sterling’s new line of volumetric screw additive feeders provides accurate and dependable metering of color concentrate, regrind or other additives. The feeders incorporate a modular design for use of one or two materials, and an interchangeable stainless steel auger assembly.

A number of models are available to suit most customers’ needs. The SF-2 model features two feeders for metering dual additives at two different rates. The SF-M Mini-Feeder is compact for small machines and extruders and offers easy calibration, processing 0.5 to 15 g per minute with a 1/4 in. auger. The SF-200 is a heavy-duty feeder for extrusion applications. It processes 50 to 4000 lb./hr. and can be used as a starve feeder for many applications.

Sterling Material Processing 630-475-7515


Micro dryer relies on plant compressed air

The ERD Micro is a cost-saving alternative to traditional desiccant drying systems, guaranteeing superior drying results, lower operating costs and reduced maintenance. The dryer uses compressed air from the plant’s air system for the drying process. When compressed air is expanded to atmospheric pressure, the dewpoint decreases to a low level. Subsequent heating of the process air reduces the relative humidity. This dry air is then passed through the material to drive moisture out of the resin.

The ERD Micro comes with hopper sizes ranging from one to three liters, although smaller sizes can be made on request. The dryer is designed for the molding of very small parts and components produced with micro-molding or small injection molding machines.

Comet Automation Systems, Inc. 937-296-9166

Gate reduces die change time

Diamond America’s new twin-lever gate can reduce die change time by as much as 75%. The new quick opening gate can be fitted on any size extruder, and can be retro-fitted on most brands of existing extruders.

The unit features two clamshell halves mounted on levers. When opened the halves move out from under the barrel so that resin being purged out of the barrel doesn’t collect in the clamshells. The two clamshells are self-centering when drawn together for a positive seal. Since the two lever arms support the gate halves there is no heavy lifting required by the operator. Both sides of the gate are electrically heated to minimize start-up time and improve process stability.

Diamond America Corp. 888-349-9385

Pump for high-pressure extrusion

Cumberland’s new MSDP Standard Pressure Gear Pump and MHDP High Pressure Gear Pump help reduce pressure and volume variation by a factor of 50 to 1, resulting in significant material savings and higher product quality. The MSDP is designed for pressures up to 5,000 psi, and the MHDP is designed for pressures up to 10,000 psi. The gear pumps also reduce the extruder load, resulting in higher output rates, lower melt temperature, lower energy consumption, as well as longer screw and barrel life.

Cumberland, Inc. 630-595-1060

Extrusion tool expands output for tubing

A new two-headed extrusion tooling system from Guill Tool & Engineering Co. is 40% to 50% more productive than conventional single-head systems. Guill’s DualFlo system employs two identical heads joined by a specially designed metering valve to transform a single extruding machine into one with dual output. The system makes multi-layer and multi-strip capability standard. Virtually any existing extruder layout can be configured to accommodate this system.

Guill Tool & Engineering Co. 401-828-7600

Ion gun removes static

Exair’s Ion Air Gun removes static electricity, contaminants and dust from three-dimensional parts prior to labeling, assembly, packaging, painting or finishing. The gun incorporates a high velocity air jet that uses a small amount of compressed air to entrain 80% of the total output airflow from the surrounding room air. An electrically energized emitter at the discharge end fills the entire airstream with positive and negative ions capable of neutralizing high static charges in a fraction of a second.

Tech Sales Co. 416-410-1313

Controller smooths multi-strand extrusion

A non-contact loop controller assures smooth operation and prevents dragging of extruded materials between processes. The Sona-Trol ST-6 Ultrasonic Loop Controller can perform loop measurements at up to 100 times per second for controlling tension. Ideal for multiple strand applications, it features a sensor head that can be mounted from 18 in. to 20 ft. above the loop and measure changes in stock distance as small as 0.01 in. It includes provisions for external measurement control by PLC or computer, and is capable of changing spool take-up speeds if seven measurements are outside of preset limits.

Waddington Electronics, Inc. 401-781-3904

Inspection system handles variety of parts on-the-fly

The QualityStation vision inspection platform from Avalon Vision Solutions has an “event-driven” I/O architecture that provides robust operation in JIT production environments, such as automotive in-line vehicle sequencing (ILVS) manufacturing workcells. The event-driven architecture permits the QualityStation to inspect a variety of different products by simply identifying them via a unique input identifier (bar code, digital signal, serial string, etc.), automatically loading the appropriate inspection criteria, and running each respective inspection event.

The new QualityStation also features a new “SmartWindow” concept that permits advanced inspection tools to be “dropped” into the inspection image with a touch of the screen, and then fine-tuned for the application with a few basic optimization controls. The aim of this concept is to permit plant-floor level technicians to setup and maintain inspection applications.

Barway Plastic Equipment 450-455-1396

Shadow Automation Inc. 905-649-2652

Energy-efficient dryers

The new HiCore line of large desiccant dryers from AEC features heating elements inside the hollow-core of the desiccant tanks. This unique design improves thermal efficiency, lowering energy costs by 10 to 15% and reducing regeneration time to less than one hour.

During drying, air from the blower enters the canister from the large surface area on the outside of the cylinder. As air moves towards the core, the pressure and velocity increase, aiding the moisture absorption process. As air moves outward through the canister, it loses pressure and velocity. The air slows down and expands, increasing its contact time with the desiccant, resulting in highly efficient regeneration.

Dier International Plastics 905-474-9874

Compact, efficient dryers

Colortronic is introducing two new desiccant dryers, the CTT25 and CTT50. The compact cabinet style mini-dryers are two of the smallest desiccant dryers offered. The CTT series offers a unique energy efficient design featuring Hi-Core Technology for faster regeneration and cooling of the desiccant. Available in 15 or 30 CFM models, the new dryers have a standard temperature range of 180 to 250 F, and a dual-bed design for continuous operation.

Auxiplast Inc. 450-922-0282

Romark Technologies Corp. 416-923-3782


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