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Auxiliary Equipment (June 01, 2004)

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Low-cost layer measurement...

Low-cost layer measurement

A new vision system from PLV Systems may be a lower cost alternative to a microscope for measuring the thickness of coatings and capstock on plastic parts. President Sam Melamed explains that the DV-200 uses an inverted lens, which provides very high magnification and good working distance. It can measure coatings down to a thickness of 1 mil.

The system includes the computer, software and cameras, for about $12,000.

Control Solutions Inc. 905-458-8382


Robot-laser combination suits trimming, cutting

Reis CO2 laser robots have an integral laser on one arm for applications such as cutting molded parts with fabric inserts, cutting plastic films, trimming injection molded parts, and perforating plastic components.

The integral laser provides high repeatability and path accuracy, in addition to maximize processing speeds. The HF power pack is also attached, so there is no movement or torsion of the HF cable.

An integrated auxiliary laser in the visible spectrum facilitates programming and beam adjustment.

Reis Robotics USA Inc. 847-741-9500

Screw-less feeding in gravimetric blender

High accuracy blending and synchronized screw-less feeding of up to four different materials is available with Colormax’s Multi Weigh Gravimetric Blender. The blender includes up to four loss-in-weight, gravimetric Posimax feeders, which use vertical rotating discs to convey materials from the storage hopper to the discharge outlet.

Synchronized feeding of all components ensures a constant blend is achieved, avoiding layering and the need for an extra mixing device.

Colormax 856-256-3285

Mold temperature controller holds tight tolerances

Remak has introduced a new line of open-circuit mold temperature controllers. The RMT 1 and 2 models are available in pump sizes from 3/4 to 7-1/2 hp, and heaters from 9 to 48 kW. Enclosed in a compact cabinet, the units employ a powerful PID controller that maintains close tolerances throughout the 32F to 250F temperature range.

Remak of North America 630-773-8800


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