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Auxiliary Equipment (March 01, 2004)

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Modular dryer super efficientUna-Dyn's GS Series of dryers is modular in design and simple to operate. Within with a small footprint, the dryer comes with dual desiccant beds and an operator-friendly ...

Modular dryer super efficient

Una-Dyn’s GS Series of dryers is modular in design and simple to operate. Within with a small footprint, the dryer comes with dual desiccant beds and an operator-friendly control interface. Drying temperature can be set by material type or manually input. The material saver function permits the user to set material temperature limits and automatically lowers the setpoint to a temperature maintenance level when the user stops processing material or hopper temperature equilibrium is reached. Completely modular design and quick-release connectors make all components easily accessible. This energy-efficient, low dewpoint dryer comes in size ranges from 30 cfm to 150 cfm.

Hamilton Avtec 800-590-5546

Controllers protect against runaway conditions


Athena Controls has added the Model C10 Limit Controller and the Model M400 Limit Controller to its Platinum series of microprocessor based temperature controls. Both controllers safely limit temperatures during thermal applications where a runaway condition could compromise operator safety, equipment or product.

Compact and versatile, the complete C10 line offers the space-saving benefits of a 1/32-DIN size with many useful features typically found only in larger models. The standard C10 provides not only the functionality of a controller, but can also serve as either a panel indicator or an indicating temperature transmitter.

The standard M400 is a compact 48mm x 48mm size controller with heat/cool capability suitable for a wide range of applications. Its display features easy configuration, combined with auto-tuning, auto/manual, 3 standard outputs and IP65 panel protection.

Process Heaters Inc. 877-747-8250

Fast, flexible part removal

Wittmann’s W621 UHSS (Ultra High Speed Servo) top entry robot allows for the fastest possible part removal and hence, optimization of the entire molding process. Top entry design with vertical part removal provides maximum flexibility for the transfer of parts to downstream equipment or the stacking of parts in trays, boxes or other containers. Part removal times of just 0.33 seconds can be obtained with the robot, which is ideally suited for removal of thin-wall parts, for example, food containers. Specialized construction of the vertical arm reduces moveable masses to a minimum. The actuation of the arm is achieved by oversized toothed belts, which provide high acceleration and reduce noise.

Nucon Wittmann Inc. 888-466-8266

Applicators help operators

Henkel Loctite Corp. has recently introduced Loctite Fine and Adjustable Spray Equipment designed for applying Frekote mold release agents. Rugged and durable, the applicators are especially suited for situations where a fine, even coating of release agent is required. They feature a preset, ultra fine atomization setting that does not require operator adjustment, improves the consistency of the of part finish and reduces waste of the release agent. Easy rotation of the spray extension allows effortless 360 degree applications. Fine Spray applicators come standard with a 90 air cap and a 5 or 10 L stainless steel pressure tank.

Henkel Loctite Corp. 860-571-5100


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