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Auxiliary Equipment (February 01, 2004)

Automated systems assemble, test, decorateCassco Automation Assembly Systems perform multiple functions in one operation. Systems are available in configurations from single station to fully automated...

February 1, 2004   Canadian Plastics

Automated systems assemble, test, decorate

Cassco Automation Assembly Systems perform multiple functions in one operation. Systems are available in configurations from single station to fully automated lines and incorporate clipping and cropping stations, automatic screwdrivers, heat staking, hot stamp, heat transfer and laser marking.

Parts can be assembled, decorated and tested in a single system. Systems can be designed to produce extremely high quality single or multicolor images, part numbers, bar codes, OCR characters and decorative images. Control systems range from Casco’s proprietary system controller to most major PLC and touchscreen systems.

Cassco Machines 416-445-6262

Venture helps molders build work cells

ACS Group and Injectech Engineering LLC have announced a joint marketing arrangement that will enable both companies to provide flexible manufacturing cells to the injection molding industry. The agreement allows ACS Group to include Injectech’s low-cost, highly adaptable automation system with its extensive automation product line. ACS Group will sell Injectech’s Revolution system under AEC’s Automation division and Sterling’s Sterltech Robotics division. Injectech will offer ACS Group’s robots to work alongside the Revolution.

The Revolution is a unique automation platform with up to sixteen interchangeable stations for pre- and post-molding applications such as laser marking, sonic welding, printing and riveting. The system’s stations are easily added, subtracted and reconfigured, and the interface allows free programmability of points, sequences, and operations. The basic platform costs US$42,000 to $48,000.

ACS Group 630-595-1060

Compound purges blow molding machines

Dyna-Purge B is a new commercial purging compound specifically designed to purge all resins used in blow molding. At temperatures ranging from 160C to 320C (320F to 575F) Dyna-Purge B softens but never melts, flowing naturally through the screw and barrel, as well as manifolds, reservoirs, and accumulator heads. The thermoplastic compound loosens carbonized and degraded resins, as well as colors, while the carrier matrix flushes away impurities. The compound is non-abrasive, pre-packaged and requires no soaking, mixing or preparation. The product is thermally stable and has an unlimited shelf life.

Shuman Plastics, Inc. 716-685-2121

Tonnage range of hybrid machine extended

Van Dorn Demag’s EL-Exis S high-speed machine line is now available with clamping force up to 460 tons. The EL-Exis S is equipped with both electric drives for plastification and mold movements, and hydraulic accumulators for high-speed injection and auxiliary movements. The highly sensitive mold protection mechanism is in effect for the entire opening stroke. In contrast to hydraulic clamping systems, the operating speed in the mold protection zone remains unaffected. The optimized components and the electric drive for the toggle clamp unit lead to a reduction of the machine’s energy consumption, which can be as high as 50%.

Stephen Sales Group 905-940-5577

New wide-platen hydraulic line launched

Ube’s Z-Max hydraulic injection molding machine line comes with a wide platen design on the 720-ton, 1000-ton and 1500-ton machines. The 1000-ton machine has a standard tie bar spacing of 60 in. horizontal by 50 in. vertical, as compared to the previous standard of 50 in. by 50 in. This allows molders to run molds that would typically run in 1200- to 1500-ton machines.

The Z-Max line, which also includes a 500-ton machine with standard tie bar spacing, is equipped with a start-of-the-art control system utilizing a PC-based interface equipped with Windows 2000. The control system uses the fastest PLC available in the industry, the new Mitsubishi Q series. The new control system offers customers the ability to have access to remote maintenance that allows Ube engineers to troubleshoot the machine from the company’s facility in Ann Arbor, MI.

Hamilton Avtec 800-590-5546

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