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Auxiliary Equipment (December 01, 2003)

Receiver optimizes short-run moldingPremier's new Series Model 2406 Receiver is ideal for applications when space is at a premium and material volumes are minimal. Designed with the small injection mo...

December 1, 2003   Canadian Plastics

Receiver optimizes short-run molding

Premier’s new Series Model 2406 Receiver is ideal for applications when space is at a premium and material volumes are minimal. Designed with the small injection molder in mind, the 2406 is suited for applications where material changes are frequent. The unit easily disassembles with the removal of one quick-release clamp for material changes and cleaning.

The 2406 has two different models, A and B, which are both constructed with spun aluminum. A low-voltage cable system with quick-connect plugs allows receivers to be connected to the microprocessor control or PLC central controller without tools.

Premier Pneumatics 785-826-9302


Press-side granulators handle range of materials

Conair’s new CLS and CHS Series press-side granulators give users a choice of a low-speed rotor for processing sprues, runners and light-duty parts, or a high-speed configuration for batch feeding of heavier, tougher parts and runners.

The low-speed CLS granulator features a solid rotor with a staggered array of knives that turn at just 160 rpm. A high-end, gear-reduced motor delivers high torque to a belt-driven solid pulley, allowing the low-speed rotor to slice through tough materials.

The high-speed (up to 512 rpm) CHS Series can process up to 800 lb./hr. Standard equipment includes a solid, high-inertia flywheel coupled to a staggered rotor with drop-in cassette knives. An optional three-blade open rotor is available for processing lightweight materials such as film, corrugated sheet and light bottles. The cutting chamber is a true tangential design, which can be modified to add a third bed knife for materials that require a more conventional feed.

Auxiplast Inc. 888-922-0282 Stephen Sales Group 905-940-5577

Accurate, affordable temperature control

The SEU Series water temperature control unit offers high quality and precision, at an affordable price. The unit is compact and its immersion-style Incoloy heaters provide precise, efficient temperature control. The SEU units also include bronze-fitted centrifugal pumps from 3/4 hp to 7 1/2 hp, solenoid valves up to 3/4 in./NPT and automatic vent sequence. The TCU also features adjustable low-supply water pressure switches.

Dier International Plastics 905-474-9874

Easier size-reduction of pipe/profile

EconoGrind, the size reduction division of Economizer USA, has added two new granulators series to its line-up. The ESP Series granulators are specifically designed for pipes and profiles. Conventional granulators often have substantial problems handling long pipes and profiles, frequently requiring cavities or platforms to accommodate bulky materials. The ESP Series is built with a nearly level feed hopper so that long pieces can be easily fed into the machine.

The compact ESC series features a mobile, integrated soundproof design ideal for most beside-the-press grinding needs. The unique rotor design eliminates material rotor bridging of voluminous or bulky parts.

Economizer USA 508-399-3019

Modular hot runners accommodate large parts

Synventive’s new Kona XP hot runner system merges the best features of the company’s existing Heat Pipe and MultiZone technology under the Kona name. Designed to meet the needs of the large injection molding and automotive markets, the Kona XP is a hybrid solution that offers molders convenience, simplicity and uniform temperature characteristics to meet demanding molding applications.

The hot runners’ multiple gate technology allows molders to chose from thermal-gated, valve-gated, sequential-gated or reverse gated systems, custom engineered to best meet the injection molding requirements of the parts being manufactured. Systems can be delivered fully assembled as a hot half, partially assembled with wire guard or as a hot runner manifold.

Synventive Molding Solutions 978-750-8065

Filter keeps fluids ultra-clean

Mokon’s ClearFlo and ClearFlo Plus systems are designed to reduce contamination in heat transfer fluid systems while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. The ClearFlo System continuously filters heat transfer fluids, removing particles as small as 10 microns, without disrupting system operation. The system can triple the life of a heat transfer fluid pump and reduce frequency of oil changes.

The ClearFlo Plus system filters the cool oil reservoir and removes particles as small as 1/10 micron to reduce fluid contamination and water build-up, minimizing the nuisance of shutdowns caused by water vapor pockets.

En-Plas Inc. 416-286-3030

Aspirators eliminate fines

Kice Industries’ new 4MM4 and 6MM4 Multi-Aspirators are the first multiple-pass aspirators specifically engineered to mount directly to the inlet of injection molding machines. These units are designed to remove “angel hair” and/or fines from virgin plastics pellets, plastic regrind or a combination of the two.

As temperature and pressures increase in the feed screw, unwanted fines tend to melt and burn, producing blemishes in the final product. Mounted directly to the injection molding machine, the 4MM4 and 6MM4 are engineered to address this problem at the closest possible point to the end product. Mounting on the machine throat eliminates the problem of creating more fines while transferring the material. Both units are capable of processing 50 to 400 lb. of material per hour.

Kice Industries 316-744-7151

Air knife cools webs, parts with less air usage

Exair’s new Full-Flow Air Knife is an effective way to cool, dry or clean parts, webs and conveyors. The knife ejects a small amount of compressed air through a 0.002 in. thick slotted nozzle. As a result of the Coanda Effect, the air attaches to the surface and turns 90 degrees to flow down the front face. This primary airstream pulls in surrounding air for an amplification of 30:1 at 6 in. away. The air savings is 40 to 90% when compared to typical blowoff devices. The knife is stocked in lengths ranging from 3 in. to 36 in. in both aluminum and stainless steel

Tech Sales Co. 416-410-1313

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