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Auxiliary equipment (July 01, 2009)

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Five-servo axis robot for stack molds

Five-servo axis robot for stack molds

Wittmann‘s new W823 dual arm telescopic robot with five-servo axis is designed for automation of stack molds and other applications requiring two vertical arms.

The W823 dual arm telescopic servo robot allows simultaneous or sequential operation of each vertical arm in order to remove parts from stack molds in medium tonnage machines up to 400 tonnes (440 U.S. tons). The independent control also permits operation with family stack molds where parts have different designs and handling characteristics.

The W823 servo dual arm telescopic robot has a fixed kick-stroke beam, and two telescopic vertical arms on the Y-axis, offering payloads of three, five or 10 kg for each arm. The Y-axis provides fast strokes of 1,000 mm or 1,200 mm with minimum vibration, while reducing the clearance requirements for applications with low ceilings or other obstacles like cranes, mezzanines, etc., and where robot automation may not have previously been possible.

Wittmann Canada Inc. (Richmond Hill, Ont.);; 1-888-466-8266


Anplast Inc. (Anjou, Que.); 1-800-387-4590

Compact and portable railcar unloader

A compact and portable unit for moving resin in and out of silos is now available. The bulk unloading power pack from Hamilton Avtec has a combination filter receiver and air lock built into a single platform.

It is skid mounted, and can be moved with a forklift.

The components are modular, so the unloader can be retrofitted to various applications. It features high level sensing controls that are easily customizable. Filter cleaning is automatic.

Rates start at 5,000 lbs./hr, and up.

Hamilton Avtec Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.); 1-800-590-5546

Metal detecting screenless granulators

Rapid Granulator has unveiled its next generation RG-Series screenless granulators with Integral Metal Detection (IMD).

The RG-Series is a family of eight basic models ranging from the very small RG-1, dedicated to grinding the smallest sprues and rejects, to the RG-4 Twin, capable of granulating very large injection moldings such as dashboards and bumpers. Of key importance to processors is that integral to these next generation granulators is the latest technology to protect them from damage, and ensure operator safety, enhanced capacity, and simplified maintenance.

Specifically designed for beside-the-press grinding of hard and brittle materials, the RG-Series slow speed, screenless granulators feature Rapid’s patented IMD technology. IMD virtually eliminates the risk of damage to the machine from metal fragments that may have entered the regrind chain undetected. Additionally, it minimizes the possibility of these small metal fragments passing through the machine to damage downstream equipment, such as injection feeder screws, or even molding tools.

Rapid Granulator (Cranberry Township, Pa.);; 814-437-7164

Dier International Plastics Inc. (Unionville, Ont.); 905-474-9874

DCube (Montreal); 514-272-0500

Conveyor fits into tight corners

The new Low Profile Conveyor from Dynamic Conveyor fits into tight spaces, makes a positive environmental impact, and offers a lower cost of ownership to businesses in the plastics industry.

The conveyor offers a sustainable conveying option for organizations whose conveying needs change, whether every week, every six months, or every five years. Using conveyor modules as short as 6.5 inches in length, companies can easily lengthen or shorten the conveyor in a matter of minutes without compromising the integrity of the conveyor.

Conveyor modules connect and reconnect to form low profile modular conveyor systems from four to 60 inches wide and of varying lengths up to 50 foot long. Low profile plastic modular conveyors feature high-impact polycarbonate construction, which provides strength and durability.

Dynamic Conveyor (Muskegon, Mich.);; 1-800-640-6850

Plastics Machinery Inc. (Newmarket, Ont.); 905-895-5054

Film-scrap reclaim system for extrusion

The ScrapSaver, a new integrated film-scrap reclaim system from The Conair Group, recovers trim scrap, roll scrap, and hand-fed film scrap, grinds it, and then reintroduces it to the extruder without hang-ups, surging, and clumping.

The system can handle film-fluff addition rates of 25 per cent or more, and keeps virgin and ground fluff separate until just before they enter the extruder feed throat.

The ScrapSaver machine is designed to deliver a consistent ratio of ground scrap and virgin pellets. Two hoppers keep virgin and fluff separated until it reaches the feed throat and is introduced to the screw flights. An auger in the fluff hopper ensures consistent feeding of the scrap, while the virgin pellets are gravity fed. Four different auger sizes are available to match virtually any extruder size or throughput rate.

The ScrapSaver auger is driven by a variable-speed AC drive motor, and controlled from a touchscreen operator panel displaying the motor load and speed.

The Conair Group (Cranberry Township, Pa.);; 1-800-654-6661

Hamilton Avtec Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.); 1-800-590-5546

Gravimetric blenders save resin

TSM Control‘s new Opti-Mix range of gravimetric blenders are designed to allow processors to reduce their raw material usage by increasing their regrind processing capability, while improving product quality.

The mixing technique virtually eliminates variations due to bulk density by delivering consistent, homogeneous mixing of materials of all densities. The mixing auger also creates a downward force to cram difficult regrind materials through the throat of the processing machine.

The Opti-Mix blender comes standard with the new TSM Auto-Clean system, which allows for automatic cleaning from the floor level, reducing production downtime, labor costs, and any unnecessary safety risks associated with employees reaching elevated machines.

TSM Control Systems Inc. (Alpharetta, Ga.);; 770-8866630


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