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Feed cutting chamber offers continuous cutting diameter

Feed cutting chamber offers continuous cutting diameter

The MAS2 Auger from Wittmann is a conventional granulator with auger feed cutting chamber that guarantees a continuous cutting diameter for more uniform regrind.

It is based on the design of the MAS2 beside-the-press-granulator but can be used directly under the molding machine because of its low height.

The direct drive gear reduction provides a reduced rotational speed of 200 rpm to guarantee a more uniform regrind with minimal fines.


The cutting chamber dimensions of 247 mm x 255 mm (9.7 inches x 10 inches) and the open rotor concept are identical to that of the MAS2.

The MAS2 Auger is equipped as standard with a large auger trough measuring 600 mm x 280 mm (23.6 inches x 11 inches) that is well suited for larger sprues. An additional knife located above the screw is designated to prevent large, soft runners from wrapping themselves around the screw.

Additionally, the MAS2 Auger is equipped with an open rotor with three rotating and two fixed knives. By using the knife gap pre-adjustment fixture that is included with each unit, the rotor knives can be adjusted easily and accurately for faster knife changes, ensuring a continuous cutting diameter for more uniform regrind. The open rotor enables optimal air circulation and prevents jamming of warm sprues and parts.

Wittmann Canada Inc. (Richmond Hill, Ont.);


Anplast Inc. (Anjou, Que.);


Cutter/Puller Has Expanded Capabilities

Versa Machinery has expanded the capabilities for its Model 50 flywheel cutter/ puller systems.

Model 50 systems utilize a flywheel with up to eight knives to cut extruded plastic or rubber parts at high production rates. The new system design has an expanded cutting range: systems can now perform any cutting rate from 75 to 12,000 parts/minute. Model 50 systems are used to produce washers, spacers, and other small parts, and can hold cut length tolerance to +/-0.003 inches on many products.

Model 50 systems electronically linked flywheel and puller drives allow for consistent part length accuracy. A colour touch screen interface facilitates setup and operation. The operator enters the number of knives installed, cut length, and line speed.

Systems are available with either pinch roll or caterpillar puller assemblies. Other options include drip lubrication for the cutter bushings, air opening/closing of the puller booms, a digital puller gap indicator, and bushings bored for round products, or custom made for profile products.

Versa Machinery (Elkhart, Ind.);


Transfer Conveys Small Products

An alternative to dead plates or roller transfers, the DynaCon powered transfer from Dynamic Conveyor offers a smooth and consistent transport of products as small as 2 inches from conveyor to conveyor.

A small plastic link style chain is used to provide a stable, flexible base for smooth product transitions, by reducing the gap between conveyors to 1-1/2 inches. With two belting options to choose from, both ends of the transfer have a profile height of either 3/8 inches or 3/4 inches. Utilizing positive sprocket drive and plastic link style belting eliminates tracking problems, slippage and edge damage.

The DynaCon powered transfer offers a slider bed length of 12 inches with widths available from 4 inches to 36 inches. Transfer units utilize energy efficient 1/30 HP motors. Both single and variable speed motors are available, with speeds up to 100 feet per minute. DynaCon power transfer units also provide the user with the ability to increase or decrease product spacing.

The DynaCon Powered Transfer works well with the DynaCon Modular Conveyor System with its plastic link-style belting.

Dynamic Conveyor Corp. (Muskegon, Mich.);


Plastics Machinery Inc. (Newmarket, Ont.);


Soft placement module for bottle packaging

Standard-Knapp has unveiled a new soft placement module for secure, efficient packing of bottles in a range of industries.

Compatible with several case packer models, Standard-Knapp’s soft placement module with advanced motion control gently lowers bottles into cases or trays without damage to the label, closure or container integrity. With its steady placement, the soft placement module eliminates bottle-to-bottle scuffing and breakage, with or without partitions.

The unit’s servo system accelerates bottles downward, then comes to a gradual, decelerated stop as the heels of the bottles reach the bottom of the case. The packed case is then indexed to the discharge conveyor and the soft placement module ascends into position for the next cycle.

The soft placement module is simple to adjust and change over. Its low-maintenance design adapts to trigger and unstable bottles of all sizes for more stable packing with less downtime. The soft placement system is capable of handling several cases per cycle for maximum packing efficiency.

Standard-Knapp (Portland, Conn.);


Emptying Gaylords More Efficiently

The Sweeper, from Maguire Products Inc., is designed to empty Gaylord boxes while reducing operator time and material waste, saving energy and plant space, and avoiding the high cost and safety issues of conventional tilt tables.

Mounted on a structural steel stand that straddles the Gaylord, the Sweeper continuously sweeps the length and breadth of the top level of resin in the container, reaching into every corner, as it uses vacuum to transfer the resin to a processing machine or dryer. The device descends along with the level of resin in the Gaylord until the container is empty.

Because The Sweeper removes resin from the Gaylord without unwanted interruptions, there is no need for operators to stand by to ensure that the processing machine does not run out of material or that undried material does not enter the process.

A vacuum switch ensures that The Sweeper is operating only while the vacuum loading system is pulling material. As a result, The Sweeper is always in “ready” mode and does not have to be manually started or stopped. The entire unit plugs into a standard 115-volt outlet and requires less than two amps.

Maguire Canada Inc. (Vaughan, Ont.);



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