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Auxiliary Equipment (July 01, 2007)

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Energy-efficient dryer

Energy-efficient dryer

The new EnergySmart polymer dryer from Conair is a two-stage system that can reduce energy consumption in high-volume polyethylene terephthalate (PET) by up to two-thirds compared to traditional desiccant dryers.

Incorporating a hot-air circuit and a dehumidified-air circuit, the device saves energy by not removing heat in the return air heat exchanger and by not having to add as much heat to the air for its next trip through the hopper.

Other features that enhance efficiency include heavy insulation of the hopper and all hot-air ductwork to prevent unnecessary heat loss; a desiccant-wheel assembly with less structural mass and less desiccant to heat and cool; and dual air inlets located in the top section of the drying hopper to minimize the impact on mass flow.


Additionally, the EnergySmart system can use either gas or electric fuel.

Conair (Pittsburgh, Pa.);; 412-312-6000

Auxiplast Inc. (Sainte-Julie, Que.);; 450-922-0282

Maintenance gates eliminate adapters

Available in sizes from six to 16 inches, the new Round Maintenance Gates from Lorenz & Son can be mounted above airlocks or below bins and hoppers to handle dry material during periodic shutdowns for maintenance, and eliminate the need for heavy square to round adapters.

The interior of the Round Maintenance Gate is fully lined with polymer to eliminate friction problems. Actuation is by hand crank, hand wheel or chain wheel. Contact points are 304 stainless steel and the blade is polished stainless steel. The frame of the Round Maintenance Gate is of lightweight aluminum construction, built in narrow profile. The standard Round Maintenance Gate is rated for use at up to 110C (230F).

Lorenz & Son (Cobourg, Ont.);; 800-263-1942

High-speed printer simplifies production

With a one-colour speed of 3,500 to 3,900 cycles per hour, Pad Print Machinery’s new Elektra XE is designed to simplify high-speed in-line production line printing and automated handling.

Available in a table-mounted model that measures 14″ x 21″ x 22.5″. All pad and cup operations can be changed, from the down stroke speed to the pickup and drop off pauses, because the dual cam drive runs the pad shuttle and the ink cups separately.

For manufacturers creating a production line from scratch, the Elektra XE will allow for speeds greater than previously available. The one-colour 90mm ink cup allows for a three-inch diameter image; while for a two-colour image (or two-up printing) the 60mm cup allows for a two-inch print diameter.

Additionally, operator instructions are sent via a touch screen PLC controller, which means that no mechanical adjustments are needed to change the pad stroke.

Pad Print Machinery of Vermont (East Dorset, Vt.);; 800-272-7764

Gripper with interchangeable jaw sizes

The improved GRZ 20-16 robotic gripper from SAS Automation comes with removable screws to offer production plants the ability to interchange the existing jaws for various size jaws.

From the company’s get a grip! parts/sprue plier product line, the GRZ 20-16 provides easily interchangeable and configurable jaw sizes to adapt to all gripping requirements, and allows processors to customize their EOAT.

SAS Automation, LLC (Xenia, Ohio);; 888-727-3628

Verick International (Brampton, Ont.);; 905-458-7121

Hopper feeds non-free flowing material

The new U-shaped Agitator Hopper from NBE Inc. is designed to feed various irregularly shaped ground plastic regrinds with bulk densities ranging from two to five lbs. per cubic foot.

The counter rotating plow type agitators keep the light, interlocking material from bridging or “rat holing” above the horizontal discharge screw. A variable speed drive on the discharge screw provides flexibility in the discharge rate of the materials from the Agitator Hopper.

The equipment utilizes automatic and manual controls. In automatic mode, a remote signal initiates the starting and stopping sequence. An operator platform allows easy access to the manual controls and cleanout access doors.

NBE Inc. (Holland, Mich.);; 616-399-2220

Roy Kirkness & Associates (Brampton, Ont.); 905-453-3379

Lutek Plastic Equipment (Dorval, Que.);; 888-505-8835

Expanded range of electronic calipers

L.S. Starrett has expanded their No. 799 series electronic calipers series with new extended range models up to 40″ (1,016mm).

No. 799 calipers feature a light, ergonomic design, with a slim, streamlined profile. They also feature zero at any position; inch/mm conversion; a large, clear, highly visible LCD display; and easy access to a long-life battery.

In addition to the standard features and functions of models covering the 0 to 12″ range, the new 24″ and 40″ extended range calipers offer such unique features as 0.50″ high readout on the LCD display, automatic shutoff after 30 minutes of inactivity, a preset/hold feature which allows the user to enter a preset value or hold the reading after a measurement has been taken, and the ability to set minimum and maximum lengths.

L.S. Starrett Company of Canada Ltd. (Mississauga, Ont.);; 905-624-2750


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