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Variable controls provide accurate, faster metering...

Variable controls provide accurate, faster metering

Salina Vortex is offering customers a choice of controls that allow variable positioning of the gate blade on the opening and closing strokes. The controls, which can be mounted on selected Salina Vortex valves and diverters, allow users the ability to remotely control the flow of dry bulk material through a valve without making cumbersome manual adjustments and computations.

Three different types of control assemblies are available: variable position open or closed, adjustable variable position and infinite variable position. Depending on the model, the assemblies utilize air control soleniods, PLC controllers and/or linear output transducers. These variable assemblies offer the benefits of more accurate batch weights and reduced fill times.

Salina Vortex 785-825-7177


Discs provide rapid pressure relief

Rupture discs are designed for reliable emergency relief of excess pressure since they instantaneously rupture at a specific predetermined pressure range. Dynisco’s model BP420 rupture disc is designed specifically for use in plastic extruders. Each assembly consists of a stainless steel body and rupture disc. A rupture disc may be specified for primary relief in applications where pressure buildup can occur so rapidly that the response time of a relief valve is inadequate, such as in a polymerization reaction vessel.

Cyronix Inc. 1-888-CYRONIX

Rapid prototyping machine delivers finer detail

Stratasys has upgraded its T-Class rapid prototyping systems, the FDM Titan and FDM Vantage, to provide users with an increase in feature detail and surface-finish smoothness.

An update in the FDM Titan significantly improves the quality of its highest model-resolution setting, known as “5 mil”, or 0.005 in. The 5-mil feature is available for use with ABS plastic modeling material. The update brings the modeling resolution into a similar quality range as the company’s high-end FDM Maxum system. The feature is also available as an upgrade for FDM Vantage system users wishing to increase modeling resolution with ABS plastic. It represents a 50% increase over the previous ABS modeling resolution of 0.010 in.

Stratasys Inc. 952-937-3000

Connector reduces installation time

Athena Controls has introduced the new Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) to its line of thermocouple connection products. IDC connectors are plug compatible with existing MTC05A, MTC08A and MTC12A thermocouple connector housings and offer advantages over the standard connection systems. The quick connection system feature of the IDC is designed to increase productivity and lower the installed cost of wire termination. Each wire takes only seconds to connect and no special tools are required. As a result of the connector’s insulation displacement assembly technique, there are no terminal screws to tighten and no wire ends to strip or ferrule, reducing labor costs and offering savings of up to 60% in installation time.

Process Heaters Inc. 877-747-8250

Innovative multi-tip nozzle comes with edge gates

The German company Heitec has developed a multi-edge gate nozzle, which for the first time combines the advantages of single tip nozzles with conventional multi-tip nozzles. Part of the company’s Star-Line series, the nozzle provides generous design flexibility through its variable tip insert lengths. Used as a single hot sprue, very small molds can be built with this series. Depending on the configuration, the nozzle can mold anywhere from one to eight cavities simultaneously. For small part molding it is a lower cost alternative to systems with several individual nozzles.

Technoject Machinery Corp.


Magnets accommodate most plastics processes

Bunting’s versatile FF Series drawer magnets are made in a variety of configurations for extrusion, injection molding and blow molding equipment. A clear polycarbonate drawer front permits monitoring of resin flow and tramp iron accumulation. The FF Series magnets are a reliable way to extract ferrous debris from virgin or regrind product. The magnets are designed with a 5-to-1 safety factor and can support symmetrical compression loads of 10,000 lb. FF Series magnets are available with alnico, ceramic, and rare earth magnets, with purge hoppers and dump tube options, and with self-cleaning modules. Bunting provides a lifetime warranty on the magnetic strength of its permanent magnets.

Bunting Magnetics Co.



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