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Hot runner controller communicates with PDA...

Hot runner controller communicates with PDA

A smaller enclosure is now offered with MCS Series hot runner temperature controllers made by Feller Engineering. The footprint for controllers with more than 31 control zones now measures 1/3 less in depth.

The MCS controllers offer easy operation, with self-tuning functions and intelligent dry-out routine.

The units can be equipped with various data interfaces, including Bluetooth wireless interface.


With Bluetooth installed, MCS controllers can communicate with Pocket Paracon, a personal digital assistant (PDA) equipped with data and recipe management functions. The PDA touchscreen can be used to enter parameters and set values, select recipes and group zones together for quicker set point changes.

J-Tech Hot Runner Inc. 905-792-0249

Servo cutter has higher accuracy

Conair’s newest CSC Series cutter, with its standard position-based servo drive system, is reported to increase cut-length accuracy by up to ten times, while selling for nearly 20% less than similar cutters.

The cutters are designed for applications with extruded profiles and tubing, and come in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-in. diameter cutting capacities. Units can make up to 350 cuts per minute (cpm) in on-demand cutting mode or up to 4500 cpm in flywheel mode.

The cutters also provide response repeatability within 0.1 millisecond, compared to 1.0 millisecond repeatability on conventional velocity-based servo systems. A smaller number for cut response repeatability improves the product cut-to-length accuracy. Fast response is becoming increasingly important as extrusion rates increase.

Stephen Sales Group 905-940-5577, Auxiplast Inc. 450-922-0282

Portable, versatile deflash unit

Heins PCM’s DF4000 deflash unit can be adapted to the needs of individual customers through options such as manual or in-line feed, tail remover and scrap conveyor for catching flash and removing it from the machine.

The unit is able to handle container sizes from 10 ounces to one gallon. The compact DF4000 is mounted on heavy casters, allowing it to be moved among production lines.

The main unit frame is an all-steel construction, while the safety gate is made of highly durable aluminum with a safety interlocking system.

Heins PCM 905-793-8088

Powdered cleaner replaces solvents

Blackbrook Chemical’s 100% biodegradable soy bean powdered cleaner, Soymelt, is a safe, powerful alternative for adhesive removal, mold cleaning, decal removing, polymer de-stabilization, metal manufacturing, metal stamping, asphalt release, hydrocarbon cleaning, rubber compound cleaning, grease and oil clean-up, welding clean-up and ink removal. It can be used to replace solvent-based cleansers.

Blackbrook Chemical Ltd. 888-TOP-SOAP

Color booth accommodates large parts

GTI’s CMB-3052 visual color matching system is designed specifically for large molded and extruded products, with an extra wide and deep viewing compartment for color evaluations. Sidewalls can be removed to accommodate even wider samples, or multiple systems can be joined together to become an extra large viewing booth.

With five standard light sources (D65 daylight, incandescent illuminant A, cool white fluorescent, TL83 fluorescent and UV), the CMB-3052 is a cost-effective solution to visual color matching of larger samples.

GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. 845-562-7066

No cross contamination with three-way diverter

Lorenz & Son’s three-way Slide Flex diverter is suitable for applications that require no cross contamination in pneumatic conveying or vacuum systems up to 15 psig. State-of-the-art controls allow for precision cycle positioning every time, eliminating drift. Preset factory controls require no setup time. Rugged NEMA 4-rated enclosures protect computerized input and output controls.

Lorenz & Son 905-372-2240

Thermoformer index kit offers simple speed and length changes

TPS’s low-cost index kit has a remote man/machine interface on the exterior of the electrical box allowing for operator input for speed and index length changes at the touch of a button, without risk of accidentally changing the drive program. The kit consists of a 7-1/2 hp variable frequency drive motor with integral encoder and timing belt drive with the secondary sheave adaptable to any size shaft.

Using a timing belt eliminates backlash associated with gearboxes and allows for the precision needed for form and trim applications. The pre-wired electrical box includes the exterior interface, keypad unit and forward/reverse jog buttons.

Thermoformer Parts Supplier, Inc. 989-435-3800

Extrusion simulation supports variety of screws

Polydynamics’ NEXTRUCAD 1.0 is a full-featured single-screw extrusion package that simulates solids transport, melting and metering in single screw extruders and predicts the solid bed profile, pressure build-up and bulk temperature along the screw axis. It also simulates extruder output, power requirement, torque and average residence time.

Polydynamics 905-570-0200


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