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Materials handling configured to meet your needsConair is calling its ResinWorks system a new concept in materials management. The concept relies on Conair's array of standard drying, blending and con...

August 1, 2003   Canadian Plastics

Materials handling configured to meet your needs

Conair is calling its ResinWorks system a new concept in materials management. The concept relies on Conair’s array of standard drying, blending and conveying equipment to configure customized materials handling systems based on the number of machines, services and type of materials being processed. Core components include drying hoppers, desiccant dryers, blenders, vacuum pumps and loaders. Much of the equipment is delivered pre-assembled with controls, piping and valves to minimize installation costs and disruption to operations.

In one configuration, up to five drying hoppers are assembled onto a sled-like base and fitted with heaters, valves and other controls for quick installation. Removing individual dryers from beside or atop machines allows faster, more efficient material changes and delivers a substantial pay-back by reducing labor costs and improving finished product quality, the company says. Components can be added and configurations modified based on specific processor needs.

Stephen Sales Group 905-940-5577 Auxiplast Inc. 450-922-0282

Automated material handling

“Robofold” is a fully automated materials handling manifold which utilizes robots to switch material lines and prevent potential cross contamination. The system can accommodate 15 different material sources and up to 25 destinations. A graphical representation is provided for each connection on the touch screen operator interface, simplifying operation. The robot stores all hose position information in its microprocessor and will not allow operation if this information differs from operator input.

All lines are automatically purged before materials can be switched. Lines for materials that are not in use have built-in shut-off caps and are opened and closed automatically with the robot’s end-of-arm tooling.

Nucon Wittmann Inc. 888-466-8266

Cheaper, easier coupling for pneumatic conveying systems

An innovative compression coupling called Instalok is easier to install, cheaper and stronger than existing designs, according to the manufacturer HP Metflo.

Ken Macpherson of Pneu-tech Systems, which represents the product in Canada, says the one piece construction gives the coupling greater strength, and the metal-on-metal contact achieved with pneumatic tubing is more desirable for static-prone applications.

Instalok’s design allows the insertion of just one tube end and tightening of one bolt at a time, which eliminates the juggling act associated with standard three-bolt coupling installation. The result is 30% faster installation.

Because Instalok is made from a solid piece of tube and has fewer components than standard couplings, HP Metflo estimates the couplings have a 20% lower cost than traditional compression couplings.

Pneu-tech Systems Ltd. 519-537-7199

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