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HIGH THROUGHPUT OF LARGE PARTSA large, rugged central granulator from Nucon Wittmann eliminates the need to pre-cut large items like plastic pallets that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to ...


A large, rugged central granulator from Nucon Wittmann eliminates the need to pre-cut large items like plastic pallets that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to feed into a granulator. The MC 2840 central granulator, with up to 150 hp, offers high throughput of very large, thick parts.

The fabricated steel cutting chamber has an approximately 28 in. x 40 in. (700 mm x 1000 mm) opening and two bed knives. A low rpm, high torque motor allows for lower rotor speeds without sacrificing knife tip force. The rotor shaft is extended to allow for an additional optional flywheel to provide more inertia and lower energy costs by minimizing motor amperage spikes.

A 5-blade open herringbone style rotor, with adjustable rotating knives mounted at a steep angle, offers maximum scissor-like cutting efficiency. Because the rotating knives are adjustable they can be sharpened individually, instead of as a set, for increased knife life.


Nucon Wittmann Inc. 888-466-8266


Vulcan Refractories now offers High Efficiency (HE) Vulcatherm quartz infrared heaters to meet the needs of the vacuum forming, thermoforming and packaging industries.

Nick Zienkowicz, director, says, “The results of independent tests clearly demonstrate that our new quartz HE medium wave heaters offer users the potential to achieve electricity savings of up to 25%.”

Vulcatherm HE specification heaters are now available in two sizes:

Q5 HE, with a surface area of 123 mm x 62 mm, is available in eight wattage ratings from 150W to 500W and four voltages from 115 to 230 volts

Q10 HE, with a surface area of 248 mm x 62 mm, is available in eight wattage ratings from 250W to 1000W and a similar voltage range.

Elkon Inc. 514-636-0510


A proprietary controller is now available for all Bry-Air Systems desiccant dryers. The Smart-Dry controller enables the operator to quickly set the production criteria, such as specific dew point, and the controller does the rest.

The controller package monitors dew point, process and regeneration temperatures, return air temperatures and various alarm functions. Monitoring can be done at the dryer or remotely, via serial ports.

Smart-Dry can also be programmed to offer a “true dew point control” feature, allowing operators to set and maintain a desired dew point.

Mould-tek Inc. 416-285-5400


Dynisco now offers digital pressure transmitters suitable for DeviceNet and CANbus protocols. The new digital units provide sophisitcated, bus-enabled communication technology for both extrusion and molding operations.

In both the DeviceNet and CANopen models, a low-level signal of the pressure-sensing element is converted to a digital value at a conversion rate of 20 milliseconds. This meets the tight requirements of most melt pressure and industrial applications.

Cyronix Inc. 888-297-6649


K-Tron’s new shear hopper is a compact alternative to traditional mechanical feeder agitation. It reliably prevents bridge building of cohesive materials. This special hopper can be used with all K2 modular feeders in place of the standard 50- and 80-litre hopper choices

The shear hopper consists of a flexible hopper liner fixed to the top and bottom of a standard hopper, with a ring mounted around the middle of the flexible hopper liner. A motor moves the ring in concentric circles, thus agitating the flexible liner and preventing material bridging. The hopper motion is gentle on the bulk material and improves material flow for better accuracy.

K-Tron International 856-589-0500


IMS now includes several premium features as standard on its TrueTon and TwinPack air-cooled mold chillers. The added features are: a discharge pressure gauge; a top fill tank port; and expanded electronic controls.

The additional controls include large discharge and return displays, low coolant warning light, high temperature alarm and separate compressor and pump switches.

IMS Company 440-543-1615


A three-axis servo robot from Sterltech Robotics is suitable for applications such as part removal, stacking, palletizing and running inspection programs. The SR-SB Series uses servo technology to synchronize axes and produce accuracy with +/- 1 mm. This robot also offers unique wrist rotation and easy-to-change end-of-arm tooling.

Dier International Plastics 905-474-9874


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