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Automation (November 01, 2007)

High-speed robotic palletizing system

November 1, 2007   Canadian Plastics

High-speed robotic palletizing system

FKI Logistex announces the launch of its new high-speed robotic palletizing solution, which uses multiple robotic arms to achieve palletizing rates significantly higher than those reached by typical robotic palletizers.

The new system can be applied to virtually any material handling application that requires high palletizing rates, including food, beverage and consumer goods.

In addition to increased throughput, companies that implement the new FKI Logistex robotic system can benefit from increased floor space savings and lower cost of ownership.


The FKI Logistex high-speed robotic palletizing cell enables four-way orientation of cases, which is ideal in an industry trending toward smaller packages and full pallet displays in big-box and club stores. With full control of package label positioning, customers can easily showcase the same graphics on all four sides of the pallet, or orient barcodes to streamline scanning operations.

FKI Logistex North America (St. Louis, Mo.);; 1-877-935-4564

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