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TAMPON PRINTING just became much cleaner in Canada. Tampoprint's newest pad printer, the Concentra 60/90-4, not only produces outstanding quality printing, but also includes a tampon cleaning system and PLC control unlike any before.

May 1, 2004   Canadian Plastics

TAMPON PRINTING just became much cleaner in Canada. Tampoprint’s newest pad printer, the Concentra 60/90-4, not only produces outstanding quality printing, but also includes a tampon cleaning system and PLC control unlike any before.

Imported from Germany, the Concentra 60/90-4 is a compact 4-color tampon-printing machine with only one jig. It contains separately adjustable ink/doctoring cups to ensure optimum cliche contact pressure for all Tampoprint cliche types. With individual programming of up to five settings, you will always have complete control of your outputs.

The printer features single and double printing, inching mode, continuous operation, tampon delay, various languages, parts counter, tampon stroke onto workpiece and cleaning, tampon stroke onto cliche, adjustable doctor blade contact pressure, and more.

Tampoprint Canda 519-759-0221


BUNTING MAGNETICS has expanded its line of hot stamping products to include magnetic hot stamping cylinders as well as hot stamping bases. For use with these magnetic cylinders and bases, Bunting also supplies bi-metal dies that combine a steel backing with commonly used hot stamping die materials, such as brass, copper, magnesium, or zinc.

Bunting’s Cerface magnetic hot stamping cylinders use permanent magnets embedded in a new high-temperature epoxy. The magnets are mounted level with the surface so that they are in direct contact with the plates to hold them securely in place. The new epoxy is formulated to handle temperatures as high as 400F, and cylinders are designed to be heated with conventional calrod elements or by hot oil.

Bunting magnetic cylinders eliminate the time-consuming tasks of removing the cylinder and doing makeready away from the press. Cylinders stay on the press, and bi-metal dies mount easily without tape by wrapping themselves around the circumference. Scribe lines or optional pins speed precise registration.

The use of permanent magnets combined with bi-metal dies eliminates the need for conventional mounting materials and much of the labor that goes with them. The wear caused by scraping and cleaning off tape is eliminated, and dies can be changed at the press.

Bunting Magnetics Canada, Inc., 800-665-9069

ORDERING WORKSTATIONS for assembly operations is now fast and simple, with Arlink’s Quick Pick offering of workstations and racking systems. Arlink’s ergonomic modular workstations are specifically designed for assembly, laboratory work or computing applications. With the Quick Pick ordering system, purchasers can order an entire workstation by selecting only one part number. The workstation can include a work surface, footrest, lighting, power beams, shelves and other accessories. Over 300 Quick Pick selections are available, with both standard and ESD work surfaces. A variety of layouts, such as In-line, C, and L configurations can also be easily specified by selecting only two or three part numbers.

Arlink 888-559-4441

FLEXIDYNE is a compact, self-contained floor model corona treating system capable of treating most three-dimensional plastic parts. Any non-metallic items that will fit through FlexiDyne’s 150 mm wide by up to 30 mm high opening can receive uniform corona treatment on all exposed areas. Corona treatment is often used to enhance the bonding of printing treatments or adhesives to the plastic part.

Tech Sales Co. 416-410-1313

YANICK SIMON, president and owner of injection molder Plastiques Moore Inc. (St. Damien, QC), says in-house pad printing has helped to expand his business. “I turned to Robert Pope and Co. to provide our printing plates, pads, proper ink for each material, and advice on conditions of use. I’m now able to offer my clients an imprinting service that’s provided in-line during production; everyone saves time and money.”

Plastiques Moore has used pad printing to imprint a small component for use in the explosives industry. The printing had to be precise and legible, yet cost-effective. In another case, pad printing was used for a tiny 1/2 in. by 1/2 in. color component for an electronics firm.

Robert Pope & Co. supplies Kent pad printers and Marabu inks.

Robert Pope & Co. Industries Ltd. 416-504-2478

AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM from Cassco feeds, orients, prints and stacks both round and square pails, buckets and containers. Cassco’s ABS Series of conveyorized hot stamping machines provide an in-line solution to container marking needs. Placed in line with an existing conveyor or fed by hand, these systems feed and orient both square and round containers and boxes. After printing the parts are stacked to a chosen height and released to a second conveyor for packaging. Using the hot stamp process eliminates both pre-treatment and ink maintenance concerns and costs, enabling full 7/24 operation while ensuring a clean, durable print.

All machine functions are controlled by an easy to use, intuitive, touch screen control.

Heat transfers, laser marking and other options can be incorporated into the system. As well, when printing is not required the machines can also function as a flow through conveyer or a part stacker.

Systems are available in configurations from single station to fully automated lines and can also incorporate clipping and cropping stations, automatic screwdrivers or heat staking. Parts can be assembled, decorated and tested in a single system which has the ability to produce extremely high quality single or multicolor images, part numbers, bar codes, OCR characters and decorative images.

Cassco Machines – Cassco Automation 416-445-6262

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