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Achieving a better surface finish more quickly is a double boost for productivity. That's the aim of a number of new machines and components that moldmakers can see at CMTS, the Canadian Manufacturing...

Achieving a better surface finish more quickly is a double boost for productivity. That’s the aim of a number of new machines and components that moldmakers can see at CMTS, the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show, running Oct. 18-21 at Toronto’s National Trade Centre.

CMTS is the international launching event for Matsuura’s new linear motor vertical machining centre model LX.1. The fixed-table, gantry-type machining centre is designed for precise parts with intricate geometry. It is equipped with four Fanuc linear motors, and is capable of ultra high spindle speeds of 60,000 rpm. High feed rates of 3,550 ipm can be achieved on all three axes, in concert with high acceleration and deceleration rates. The LX.1 uses Fanuc 15iM control and Matsuura’s H.S.M. software package.

Makino says its V55 vertical machining centre provides such a superior finish that EDM and benchwork on dies and molds is virtually eliminated. The V55 can produce superior finishes on several types of cavity finish, including intricate, contoured and mirror finish surfaces.

The surface finish quality is attributed to two Makino milling processes: flush fine (FF) and feed equals pick (f/P).


FF is a high speed, high definition and low heat machining process that combines high spindle speeds with precisely controlled, high pressure coolant or forced air to blast away chips and prevent heat buildup. This permits greater thermal stability and chip control, resulting in superior accuracy and finish.

With the f/P process, feed rate is adjusted to equal pick rate, resulting in highly accurate, smooth, more uniform surfaces.

Makino’s new die sinker EDM equipped Diffused Discharge Machining (DDM) technology has a major impact on finishing time. Polishing times may be reduced as much as 50 percent compared with other EDM technology. DDM combines micro-discharge pulse control, high servo response technology and Makino’s patented additive that is mixed with the dielectric fluid to improve electrical conductivity.

Agie Ltd.’s advanced wire EDM series, the Agiecut Challenge delivers surface finishes down to 0.3 Ra with wire diameters as small as 0.004 in. Unveiled in June, the machine offers submerged machining for precision cutting and a drop tank for easy accessibility. Agievision control provides stress-free, error-free programming, without the need for M&G code programming.

An innovative remote monitoring system is available for Agie’s Mondo Star die sinking EDMs with Futura V SuperStar control. StarView allows real-time images of the machining process to be viewed from a remote location, so the viewer can see video of the work in process, review the erosion process, access job screens or check operational status. Agie service personnel can also use the system to assist customers over the phone with problems or questions. In case of emergency, the remote viewer can turn off the machine so that no further damage is done.

A line of protective thin-film coatings for cutting tools and injection molds will be shown by Balzers Tool Coating at CMTS. Of particular interest to moldmakers are Balinit X.TREME and Balinit C WC/C (tungsten carbide/carbon) coatings.

X.TREME single layer coating offers superior hardness and oxidation resistance for high speed machining of dies and molds. Balinit C WC/C is an advanced composite coating that combines wear protection and lubrication for coating dies and molds for plastics processing.


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