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June 7, 2023  

Plastics packaging innovation: Nine design rules transforming the industry today

June 1, 2023  

Sizeable question: Choosing shredders or granulators

May 25, 2023  

3D-printed polymer substrate aids water purification

May 19, 2023  

UN report targets 80 per cent reduction in plastics pollution by 2040

May 15, 2023  

Technical Tip: The fundamentals of press shutdown

May 5, 2023  

A new method to produce hydrogen from plastic waste

April 28, 2023  

Researchers develop non-toxic method to upcycle single-use plastic

April 21, 2023  

Did Canada and Ontario pay too much money for Volkswagen’s battery plant?

April 13, 2023  

Technical Tip: How to reduce materials in injection molded automotive parts

April 7, 2023  

Lightweight AR glasses transcribe and display spoken language

March 30, 2023  

Alberta ag plastics recycling program gains ground

March 23, 2023  

Researchers are converting food waste into biodegradable plastics

March 16, 2023  

Hiring more social scientists could be the solution to Canada’s innovation issue

March 10, 2023  

ALUULA Composites is going from windsports to way beyond

March 6, 2023  

Researchers develop next-generation polymer-based energy storage device

February 24, 2023  

Making lifelike, 3D-printed microscopic creatures from smart polymers

February 17, 2023  

Seychelles is becoming overwhelmed by marine plastic – we now know where it comes from

February 10, 2023  

What now?

February 6, 2023  

New method to make complex polymers with precisely controlled structures

January 30, 2023  

Why your company needs an innovation strategy in 2023

January 22, 2023  

Implantable polymer ‘sponge’ helps kill cancers

January 16, 2023  

Manunor wants to do more

January 6, 2023  

The U.S. plastics industry: a 2022 recap

December 28, 2022  

Top 10 stories from 2022

December 14, 2022  

Dutch researchers develop strong, durable bio-based plastics

December 6, 2022  

Waste pickers risk their lives to stop plastic pollution – now they could help shape global recycling policies

November 28, 2022  

Scientists discover material that can be made like a plastic but conducts like metal

November 21, 2022  

REDcycle’s collapse is more proof that plastic recycling is a broken system

November 10, 2022  

New Sony wireless headphones made with recycled plastic

November 4, 2022  

3D bioprinter on International Space Station prints human tissue

October 28, 2022  

Burnout and isolation: Why employees and managers can’t ignore the social and mental health impact of working from home

October 23, 2022  

Agricultural fiber composite brings sustainability, cost advantage to plastics