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May 17, 2024  

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May 13, 2024  

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April 15, 2024  

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April 1, 2024  

Silicone specialists

March 25, 2024  

An overview of NPE2024

March 14, 2024  

Five hotspots where floating plastic litter poses the greatest risk to North Atlantic marine life – new study

March 6, 2024  

Aquadrones clean up microplastic pollution from Toronto Harbour

February 29, 2024  

Pristine graphene

February 19, 2024  

Sea of opportunity at Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing

February 12, 2024  

Meet the Class: Plastics Hall of Fame announces 2024 inductees

February 6, 2024  

Recycling woes, lack of universal standards: The complex path to sustainable food packaging

February 3, 2024  

Dangerous chemicals found in recycled plastics, making them unsafe for use – experts explain the hazards

January 29, 2024  

Researchers develop bacteria that turns plastic waste into biodegradable spider silk

January 22, 2024  

How to convey regrind and powder

January 11, 2024  

The flexibles dilemma: Navigating challenges and forging solutions for flexible plastic packaging in Canada

January 4, 2024  

AI is here – and everywhere: 3 AI researchers look to the challenges ahead in 2024

December 27, 2023  

Brian Davis, newly retired, looks back

December 18, 2023  

Avient forecasts a focus on ‘mid-tone’ consumer colours for 2025

December 11, 2023  

Researchers are trying to create biopolymers from wastewater emissions

December 4, 2023  

A culture of change is working at K+G Machinery Works

November 24, 2023  

Myths about plastic pollution are leading to public confusion: here’s why

November 17, 2023  

Researchers 3D-print a robotic hand with bones, ligaments, and tendons

November 10, 2023  

The ins and outs of extrusion purging

November 6, 2023  

Technical Tip: Understanding and calculating injection pressure (and why it matters)

October 30, 2023  

From waterways to highways

October 19, 2023  

Deep-sea enzymes with a taste for plastic

October 13, 2023  

Transforming flies into degradable plastics