Canadian Plastics

Chemical Recycling

June 30 - July 01, 2020
ABC-Straße 52, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

Helping to overcome the limitations of traditional plastics recycling, chemical recycling has in recent years become a major focus of research, development and discussion for the plastics industry. Promising to significantly increase recycling rates, utilizing a wider range of waste plastic as well as producing recyclate comparable to virgin quality resins and usable without limitations, chemical recycling is creating new pathways to meet recycling targets.

However, development of technologies, value chains and supporting legislation is still required for chemical recycling to become a reality on an industrial scale. To understand the ongoing development and how this will be achieved and implemented, AMI introduces The Chemical Recycling Forum.

This new interactive event aims to explore the challenges and opportunities surrounding chemical recycling of plastics and its potential to turn waste plastics back into new materials thereby decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels. As climate change and sustainability come to the forefront of the industry, now is the time to engage with these transformational technologies, through an event that will be driven by debate, interaction, conversation and learning.

This event is relevant for all areas of the supply chain. From brand owners investing in chemical recycling to plastic producers – from start-ups working on new technology to chemical companies – from packaging converters through to those already involved in plastics recycling. If you are looking to learn more about the complementary vs competing nature of chemical recycling – this event is for you!


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