Canadian Plastics

CAMM dinner meeting/energy saving symposium

March 22, 2016
3745 North Talbot Road, Oldcastle, Ontario

Are you curious about the energy incentives and savings you’ve been hearing about?
Wondering how they may apply to you?
Join us to learn more!
• Hear from vendors with high efficiency compressors and lighting with real examples of how it works
• Hear from a local lender with flexible loan options to assist you in accessing incentives
• Hear about the high return on investment – often as short as one year payback
• Leave with a better understanding of how you can put money back into your pockets through both the
incentives and the long-term energy savings – examples
• Hear how savings can be a net cash return every month even after loan payment just on the energy you save on
your monthly bill. Excellent ROI!

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