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Quebec plant adding plastics recycling line

A new processing line at a Quebec waste recovery plant will soon be constructed to recycle plastic waste.

November 29, 2009   Canadian Plastics

A new processing line at a Quebec waste recovery plant will soon be constructed to recycle plastic waste.

Groupe RCM Inc., a non-profit corporation active in the field of waste recovery and recycling, will add the processing line at its Yamachiche plant.

The line will handle plastic and paper waste, specifically Tetra Pak aseptic containers and the cartons usually used for dairy products, as well as low-density polyethylene bags and films.


According to Groupe RCM, the project represents a total investment of $3.5 M, including contributions from private-sector partners Tetra Pak Canada ($500,000), A. Lassonde Inc. ($100,000) and Natrel ($100,000). Additionally, the government of Quebec’s RECYC-QUEBEC corporation contributed $300,000.

Construction is scheduled to begin next spring, and the completed Yamachiche plant will accept plastic wastes from sorting centres in Quebec and throughout Canada, and converting them into granules using a high-speed “thermokinetic” process developed by the Centre de recherche industrielle du Quebec (CRIQ) in collaboration with Groupe RCM and Tetra Pak.

Resin made from the post-consumption products will then be sold to various manufacturers across Canada and the U.S.

The new line, which is expected to create 25 new jobs, is designed to reach an annual processing volume of 12,000 metric tons within three years.

“This development will make it possible to transform packaging containing post-consumer paper or plastic into a high-value-added resin material, which in turn will be used to manufacture other articles that also have a high added value,” said Yvon Picotte, president of Groupe RCM. “The fact that the plant is located in the heart of the province of Quebec will cut transportation costs substantially. Moreover, it will help stabilize the post-consumption carton packaging and plastic film markets, which have been characterized by major price fluctuations.”

Founded in 1981, Groupe RCM’s mission is to create jobs for people with physical or cognitive limitations, while improving environmental quality through the recovery and reclamation of recyclable domestic and industrial waste.

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