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ZERMA America is a leading supplier of Industrial Recycling Equipment. Our extensive range of machines covers the spectrum of size-reduction technology. Zerma’s Heavy-Duty Shredders and Granulators are suitable for numerous size-reduction tasks for the most unique and challenging materials. Zerma’s Shredder/Granulator Combination units have a compact footprint, low noise emission, and smooth, reliable operation. Accessories include Conveyors, Blower Systems, Metal Detectors, and Fines Separators.

Come visit us at NPE: Booth W8061.
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Struktol Company of America manufactures additives for the plastics, PVC, WPC, and rubber industries worldwide. Struktol’s Intelligent Additive Solutions provide thermoplastic resin producers, compounders, and processors improvement in blending, dispersion, flow, mold release, homogeneity, odor, and scratch/mar properties. Our technical specialists, R&D chemists and compound laboratory are dedicated to creating innovative solutions for the ever-changing polymer industry – solutions that keep you ahead of your competition with increased productivity, better quality parts and lower overall cost.

Visit Struktol at NPE2024 – Booth S15151
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HASCO's innovative Mould Track System offers an intelligent solution with precise indoor localization technology for the injection molding sector. With precise ultra-broadband radio modules and an intelligent software platform, Mould Track offers a localization accuracy of down to a few centimeters. The system enables the exact tracking of injection molding tools in real time and the digital interlinking of processes. It ensures that the molds are used at the right place at the right time.

Visit HASCO at NPE2024 – Booth S35049
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Lorenz manufactures Manifold Stations that organize and simplify pellet distribution from silos to process equipment plus eliminate trip hazards. Mounting channels allow horizontal alignment of Fan Tail Modules with incoming/outgoing lines. Standard universal Camlock type fittings. Aluminum or stainless steel construction. Customize to meet your specialized requirements.

Visit NPE2024 – Booth W6781 to discuss your application with Lorenz Sales.
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Attention Plastic Compounders! Whether conveying powders, pigments, wood flour, fibers, flakes, emulsifiers, or other similar dry bulk solids, stop by VAC-U-MAX Booth W-1789 at NPE 2024 and learn more about the Signature SeriesTM 1500 & 3500 vacuum conveyors. From handfuls per hour, to 25,000 lbs/hr (11,000 kg/hr), we’ve got you covered! Product range includes bulk bag load/unload systems, bag dump stations, aero-mechanical and flexible screw conveyors, and a full range of ATEX certified combustible dust vacuum cleaners.

Visit us at NPE2024 – Booth W1789

VAC-U-MAX: 69 William Street, Belleville, NJ 07109. (800) VAC-U-MAX; info@vac-u-max.com
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For the most demanding uses and applications, SONGWON's Performance Additives protect against thermal and light degradation. They also offer antioxidants (primary, secondary and thioesters), hindered amine light stabilizers, UV absorbers and synergistic blends of products to ensure maximized performance across various sectors. Meet a trusted global supplier with a local presence and production plant in America.

Booth number: S11203
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