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With an array of features and benefits ranging from ground-breaking accuracy to unified software between all laboratory and online production equipment, the LMI5500 is incredibly advanced and designed just for the thermoplastics resin industry. The LMI5500 brings a new level of ease of use with its removable inspection plate, increased access for sample cutting, and improved touch screen. It is capable of delivering a wide range of data for melt flow rate, shear stress, shear rate, apparent viscosity, intrinsic viscosity, melt density, and testing conditions.
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ZERMA America is a leading supplier of Industrial Recycling Equipment. Our extensive range of machines covers the spectrum of size-reduction technology. Zerma’s Heavy-Duty Shredders and Granulators are suitable for numerous size-reduction tasks for the most unique and challenging materials. Zerma’s Shredder/Granulator Combination units have a compact footprint, low noise emission, and smooth, reliable operation. Accessories include Conveyors, Blower Systems, Metal Detectors, and Fines Separators.
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In order to make the production process in the plastic injection moulding industry more efficient, it is essential to reduce cycle time. Download our guide to go further into: why to focus on cycle time optimization; how to optimise cycle time with a single approach; which temperature controller to choose to minimise cycle time.

It’s time to get in touch with the cable experts at AceTronic.
Technical Speciality, TRQSS - had this to say...

“As a follow-up to our discussion, I had our electrician take one of the cables apart.I am actually impressed with the way the cable was manufactured. How the individual wires were laid out inside the casing! It tells me alot about the AceTronic manufacturing process and I have only one way to describe it -- Impressive!”
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