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About Us


Food in Canada is thrilled to present our annual webinar series on “Trends and Innovations in Food.” On May 2, we’ll discuss the challenges with food packaging, especially the move to eliminate plastic, a critical material for providing Canadians with safe and long-lasting food.

Discover how we can balance food safety needs while advancing Canada’s sustainability goals from industry leaders:

Martin Gooch, PhD, CEO, Value Chain Management International
Dr. Martin Gooch is co-founder and CEO of Value Chain Management International (VCMI), a global consulting company that helps businesses, primarily in the agri-food and seafood industries, enhance their long-term profitability and environmental sustainability. Martin holds a PhD and master’s degree in agri-food management. In 2013, Martin received Bayer’s “Outstanding Canadian” award for his contribution to “Food Chain Partnerships.” In 2017, the Ontario Produce Marketing Association awarded Martin the Cory Clack-Streef “Produce Industry Person of the Year.” Martin is a member of the PAC Global Leadership Council.

Sarah Acchione, Procurement Manager, Italpasta
Sarah Acchione is the Procurement Manager at Italpasta, which was founded in 1989. Inspired by Italy but proudly 100 per cent Canadian owned and operated, Italpasta pasta is made with 100 per cent Canadian wheat. Sarah joined Italpasta’s sales department in 2007 and became a national account executive in 2012. In 2022, Sarah transitioned into the role of Procurement Manager. Sarah is also on the Board of Directors for Food and Beverage Ontario.

Leonardo Giglio, Optimist & CEO, Tempo Flexible Packaging
Leonardo (Len) Giglio has been the Optimist & CEO of Tempo Flexible Packaging since January 2021, working alongside his sister, COO Lee-Anne Giglio. Len is dedicated to rethinking flexible packaging in a sustainable manner and driving positive impact not just within the organization, but also across the team, partners, and community. An outspoken advocate for eliminating plastic waste and better end-of-life options for flexible plastics, Len serves on the advisory board of the Canada Plastics Pact.