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Economy Packaging

March 26, 2011
Global demand for plastic cups and lids to rise 5% annually to 2014: study


March 25, 2011
B.C. packaging supplier to produce compostable bag line

Plastics Processes Research & Development

March 22, 2011
Quebec bathroom furniture maker gets $275,000 funding


March 21, 2011
Upcoming industrial BPA ban will hurt business: report

Plastics Processes

March 20, 2011
Battenfeld-Cincinnati wins IP lawsuit against Chinese manufacturer

Research & Development

March 17, 2011
Bank of Canada set to issue new polymer currency

Packaging Research & Development

March 16, 2011
New biopolymers will shape growing bioplastic packaging market to 2020: report


March 15, 2011
Nova Chemicals Q4 2010 income more than triples, revenue rises


March 14, 2011
Mark Badger resigning from CPIA; Greg Wilkinson to step in as interim leader

Packaging Sustainability

March 14, 2011
New packaging advocacy group formed

Economy Moldmaking Plastics Processes

March 11, 2011
Husky to acquire Austrian closure moldmaker KTW

Environment Packaging Sustainability

March 10, 2011
Water bottler opens new closed-loop facility in Ontario

Economy Plastics Processes

March 9, 2011
Indian extrusion supplier buys 15% stake in Gloucester Engineering

Economy Packaging

March 7, 2011
Canadian flexible packager bought by U.S. holding company


March 4, 2011
Fire at Magna plant; production affected


March 3, 2011
Dow Chemical puts all plastics units under one division


March 2, 2011
Recycling assets of Ontario company acquired by Fox Petroleum


March 2, 2011
PolyOne sells SunBelt investment to Olin Corp.