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Novatec releases ScrubX sanitizing system for factories

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The patent-pending technology is designed to remove and sanitize dust and plastic particulate that may have been exposed to harmful airborne pathogens, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In a bid to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, drying technology and auxiliary equipment maker Novatec Inc. has introduced a new patent-pending ScrubX sanitizing system designed to remove and sanitize dust and plastic particulate that may have been exposed to harmful airborne pathogens.

Individual units provide 200 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow and can provide dust/particulate control for up to 3,000 square feet of interior space.

“It has been proven that viruses can easily attach to dust and particulate which provides a media for the airborne pathogens to stay suspended and to circulate in factory air longer than typical aerosol transmission,” said Mark Haynie, dryer product manager. “While most airborne viruses can circulate for up to five hours, with dust and particulate hanging in the air, the virus could stay present for 48 hours or more.”


Novatec’s ScrubX features a multi-stage air circulator, scrubber, and sanitizer that traps airborne particulate and then kills any viral matter automatically with a multi-staged ultraviolet system. Airflow is moved and directed by a regenerative blower to enter through an intake that can be oriented to provide maximum air circulation. The air enters a cyclone designed to remove most of the dust and then directs it to a collection container that has ultraviolet C (UVC) germicidal lamps with 2-4 mJ/cm² intensity. Any dust that is too fine to be removed by the cyclone enters a second-stage filter, which has more UVC lamps and includes a 0.1-micron ultra HEPA filter that removes dust and small pathogens, including coronavirus.

A built-in control, designed by sister company MachineSense LLC, automatically measures air quality index, filter status, particulate levels, and more for complete remote monitoring. The control system receives feedback from particulate monitoring sensors located in dust prone areas. “This ensures that the cleaning of the dust is adequate, and the factory dust/particulate level is reduced,” Haynie said.

Both mobile and stationary units are available. Mobile units can be easily moved throughout the factory, or stationary units can be installed in a fixed location, inside or outside of the building.

“Novatec is hoping their technology will get more people back to work safer and faster than thought possible,” said Novatec’s CEO and managing partner, Conrad Bessemer.

Novatec is headquartered in Baltimore, Md., and is represented in Canada by Maguire Products Canada Inc., of Vaughan, Ont.


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