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News Environment Plastics Processes
June 19, 2012  

Herbold Meckesheim moves to new facility

News Environment
June 18, 2012  

Big increase in plastic recycling in Canada: CPIA

News Environment Packaging
May 25, 2012  

Bulk Handling buys PET recycling equipment maker National Recovery Technologies

News Environment
May 11, 2012  

Mega-recycling facility opens in England

News Environment
April 13, 2012  

Most Canadians have access to plastics recycling: study

News Environment Sustainability
April 4, 2012  

Operation Clean Sweep catching on in Canada

News Environment
March 23, 2012  

Canadian plastic-to-oil recycler JBI gets noticed

News Environment
March 21, 2012  

American Chemistry Council sets up Facebook site to promote recycling

News Environment
February 25, 2012  

Worker dies in Alberta plastics recycling accident

News Environment
February 22, 2012  

Plastics recycling catching on in Halifax

News Economy Environment
December 8, 2011  

Global demand for bioplastics to exceed one million tons in 2015: report

News Environment Sustainability
November 21, 2011  

Global plastics industry launches action plan to reduce marine litter

News Construction Environment
November 11, 2011  

Post-consumer plastic bottles used to make houses in Nigerian city

News Environment Packaging
October 16, 2011  

Tetra Pak unveils new waste reduction initiatives

News Environment
October 14, 2011  

CPIA leads tour of Edmonton’s mega-recycling facility

News Economy Environment Packaging
August 29, 2011  

Par-Pak making Canadian, international expansions

News Environment Sustainability
August 19, 2011  

SPI reappoints plastics recycler to handle NPE 2012 scrap

News Environment Packaging Sustainability
July 27, 2011  

Canadian beauty product maker partners with TerraCycle to turn PET waste into playgrounds

News Environment Packaging
July 18, 2011  

PepsiCo to introduce 100% recycled plastic bottles in Canada

News Environment Research & Development
June 9, 2011  

Ontario plastics recycler gets $4 million to fund pilot program

News Environment
May 25, 2011  

Erema expands Massachusetts headquarters

News Environment
May 20, 2011  

Europe consults public on possible plastic bag ban

News Environment
April 19, 2011  

New coalition seeks to increase medical plastics recycling

News Environment
March 28, 2011  

Saskatchewan recycling project targets agricultural plastic

News Environment Packaging Sustainability
March 10, 2011  

Water bottler opens new closed-loop facility in Ontario

News Environment
March 2, 2011  

Recycling assets of Ontario company acquired by Fox Petroleum

News Environment Packaging
February 9, 2011  

India trade group fighting plastic bag bans

News Environment Packaging Sustainability
January 27, 2011  

Quebec PET recycler to produce food-grade resin