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May 2, 2016  

Walmart Canada to extend plastic bag fees

feature Economy Environment Materials
April 10, 2016  

Much ado about fracking

News Economy Environment
March 29, 2016  

New Brunswick government won’t lift fracking moratorium until conditions met: report

News Environment Sustainability
December 29, 2015  

U.S. to ban microbeads starting in 2017

News Environment Materials
December 8, 2015  

U.S. House of Representatives passes ban on plastic microbeads

News Canadian Plastics Environment
December 1, 2015  

CPIA, Wittmann Canada partner on Army Run recycling

News Environment Materials
November 18, 2015  

Biodegradable plastics don’t reduce marine litter: UN

News Environment Materials Sustainability
November 1, 2015  

Fracking risks are manageable: report

News Environment Sustainability
September 2, 2015  

CPIA partners with Quebec cities for polystyrene recycling

News Environment Materials
August 10, 2015  

BioAmber opens new Sarnia, Ont. succinic acid plant

News Environment
August 5, 2015  

Ottawa plans to ban microbeads over environmental concerns

News Environment Materials
July 11, 2015  

DuPont labeled a “severe” safety violator by U.S. regulator

News Environment Materials
June 23, 2015  

U.S. approves major update to chemicals regulation

News Environment Materials
May 29, 2015  

Six of U.S.’s largest school districts dump polystyrene trays

News Environment Sustainability
May 16, 2015  

Toronto expanding plastic recycling program

News Environment Sustainability
April 13, 2015  

Plastic packaging recycling in Canada up by 9% in 2013: report

News Canadian Plastics Environment Packaging
March 30, 2015  

Montreal to examine banning plastic grocery bags

News Environment Sustainability
February 11, 2015  

Access to Canadian plastics recycling at its highest level in 10 years: CPIA report

News Canadian Plastics Environment Packaging Sustainability
February 7, 2015  

Canadian firms partner for plastic dog food bag recycling project

News Environment Packaging Sustainability
January 10, 2015  

New York City to ban Styrofoam

News Environment
December 3, 2014  

CPIA, City of Montreal extend PS recovery and recycling program, add new partner

News Economy Environment
October 7, 2014  

PET bottle recycling rate held steady in 2013

News Environment Packaging Sustainability
October 1, 2014  

California becomes first state to ban single-use plastic bags

feature Environment Sustainability
September 15, 2014  

Exxel Polymers: sous le signe du succes/Under the sign of success*

News Environment
August 15, 2014  

Sony to sell its recycled PC on open market

News Environment Packaging Sustainability
July 11, 2014  

CPIA partners with Walmart and SC Johnson for recycling program

feature Environment Packaging
July 10, 2014  

A closer look at CPIA Leader of the Year MARK DANIELS

News Environment Packaging Research & Development Sustainability
July 4, 2014  

CPIA announces 2014 Plastics Industry Leadership Award winners