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Toronto-based wax maker IGI buys PVC additives supplier Rheogistics

The acquisition of Mississippi-based Rheogistics will expand IGI’s presence in the rigid PVC market and add to its wax manufacturing and blending facilities.

June 18, 2020   Canadian Plastics

Toronto-based wax producer and blender IGI (International Group Inc.) has acquired Rheogistics LLC, a supplier of lubricant systems to the rigid PVC industry headquartered in Picayune, Mississippi.

The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

“This acquisition will expand IGI’s presence in the rigid PVC market and add to our wax manufacturing and blending facilities strategically located across North America,” ICI officials said in a statement. “Rheogistics…with expertise focused exclusively on the science of rigid PVC processing, will operate as a business unit within IGI’s group of companies. The acquisition…continues our 75-year history of growth in the wax industry while maintaining our strong focus on innovation and advancing the science of rigid PVC lubrication and processing.”


Founded in 2002, Rheogistics operates a modern manufacturing plant designed around a unique proprietary production process that produces innovative PVC lubricant solutions for its customers in the PVC market.

IGI operates a fully integrated supply chain including waxy feedstocks, refining, blending, and terminal facilities.

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