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Sacmi Group recorded record profits in 2015

May 18, 2016   Canadian Plastics

Italy-based machine manufacturer Sacmi Group reported record-breaking sales of 1.35 billion euros in 2015, which represents 3 million euros in higher net profit than 2014.

“Like its parent company Sacmi Imola, the Sacmi Group closes the year with a result that decidedly improves on both the budget forecast and the previous year’s performance,” Sacmi president Paolo Mongardi said in a statement.

In the statement, Mongardi attributed the good results to a series of factors, beginning with the “positive effects of the special transactions completed in previous years, including the sell-off of Negri Bossi and the acquisition of shares in Cosmec, Cmc, Eurofilter, Mectiles and B&B, plus the recent 100 per cent takeover of C&M Holding,” he said. “These operations have already yielded better than expected results and are likely to generate further positive effects for several years.”

The second factor is international. “Nearly 90 per cent of sales continue to be absorbed outside Italy, a figure in keeping with previous years,” he said. “Sacmi has reaped the rewards of policies aimed at boosting synergy between group companies on all the main markets and has been particularly attentive to investment in more promising nations (from Africa to the Far East, from the U.S. to South America).” A key strategic decision in 2015, he added, was that of establishing a new branch of Sacmi USA in Tennessee; “recently inaugurated, this facility will provide after-sales support for key projects being implemented in the area by numerous Italian firms,” he said.


Equally positive, Mongardi continued, were the results of the Group’s Latin American companies (Sacmi de Mexico and Sacmi do Brasil). The story was slightly different in Asia, however. “In Asia, the growing dynamism of the Indian market – with excellent results from Sacmi Engineering India – has been counter-balanced by a slowdown of the Chinese market, which Sacmi is responding to with ever-greater attentiveness to efficiency and costs.”

Third, Mongardi credited “the soundness of the beverage development plan, with unified management of the entire packaging portfolio and reorganisation of design and after-sales services.”

Headquartered in Imola, Italy, Sacmi makes equipment for three main markets: caps and other plastics packaging, ceramics and food processing.

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