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Plastisoft adds fully automated inline processing module to meet flexible packaging demands

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Toronto-based PlastiSoft Corp. has released a new module for its TORI-FLEX enterprise resource planning (ERP) softw...

Toronto-based PlastiSoft Corp. has released a new module for its TORI-FLEX enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, which is designed to provide full automation to the inline process of bag making.
Dubbed the Inline Processing Environment, the module allows users to work with an array of flexible packaging products regardless of the complexity of their manufacturing processes. The computer-controlled environment of the inline processing allows the operator to post inline jobs and schedule other machines as attachments.
The use of the inline process, unlike out-of-line, eliminates the need to physically move rolls of film between machines. The inline environment treats multiple machines in each chain as one, and the drop-down list in the system reflects this structure in the form of a process tree.
The features also enable a complete automation of the inline process.
When an inline job is added to the schedule, all related inline jobs with the same inline chain id are automatically scheduled in the system for the same duration of the run.
This allows for complete automation of the manufacturing process and allow operators to concentrate on other jobs.
Other features of the Inline Processing Environment includes the ability to track scrap and down time of inline machines.
As the scrap generates at the end cycle of each machine in the chain, the operator posts it in the system, thus allowing a systematic tracking of which machines produce more scrap and downtime.
The decision made upon the review of these notes, not only provide an accurate costing and profit forecasting mechanism, but also helps determine which machines and what problems contribute to the challenges of the inline process.
“It is the integration of all processes into TORI-FLEX from beginning to end, including estimating and quoting in the work orders and shop floor production, as well as systematic scheduling and time economy that show our understanding of industry issues and dedication to Flexible Packaging,” says Jacob Aharon, the CEO of PlastiSoft.
PlastiSoft develops end-to-end enterprise and financial solutions specifically designed for the flexible packaging industry.


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