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Nova Chemicals wins rotational molding design award

Calgary, Alta-based Nova Chemicals' Cosmo storage container has earned a first-place design award from the Associat...

November 12, 2007   Canadian Plastics

Calgary, Alta-based Nova Chemicals‘ Cosmo storage container has earned a first-place design award from the Association of Rotational Molders. According to Nova, this is the first time a resin producer has won the product design competition in the association’s history.

The Cosmo container is a collapsible container, set to make its commercial debut in 2008. The container collapses to less than one-third of its height when empty, helping maximize available storage space and volume on trucks during repositioning.

“Cosmo is another example of how we are creating breakthrough end-use products using the rotational molding process,” said Chris Bezaire, Nova Chemicals’ vice president, Advanced Sclairtech Technology and Licensing. “We are using our unique technology to develop new polyethylene resins to replace traditional materials such as wood and steel, and we are focused on growing the rotational molding industry with new and exciting applications.”

According to the company, the Cosmo container is made with Nova’s Surpass polyethylene resins, and manufactured using the company’s Advanced Sclairtech technology.


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