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Nova Chemicals debuts first three 100 per cent PE-PCR resins

The low and linear low density polyethylene grades are targeted to flexible film applications.

April 7, 2021   Canadian Plastics

Image Credit: Nova Chemicals Corp.

Calgary-based Nova Chemicals Corp. has introduced its first three grades of 100 per cent post-consumer polyethylene (PE) resins.

In a news release, Nova officials said that each grade comes from a dedicated source and, together, the grades are well-suited for a range of flexible film applications. The grades include natural linear low/low density PE PCR (rLLDPE/LDPE) collected from distribution centres, and suited for collation shrink, stretch wrap and e-commerce applications; natural rLLDPE/LDPE, a recycled agricultural film that’s said to be ideal for re-use in agricultural films, heavy-duty shipping sacks, collation shrink, and for e-commerce applications; and white rLLDPE PCR manufactured from closed-loop agricultural and irrigation film recyclate, for use in agricultural film, heavy-duty shipping sacks, collation shrink, trash bags and liners and e-commerce applications.

Nova notes that, with many of the world’s leading consumer brands having pledged to increase the amount of PCR content in plastic packaging to an average of 25 per cent by 2025, these products will help them meet their goals. “We’ve made remarkable progress in just the past few months,” said Anna Rajkovic, Nova’s circular economy market manager. “We’re continuing to expand our PCR business and collaborate throughout the value chain to help the industry meet its sustainability commitments and advance the plastics circular economy.”