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Dusseldorf, Germany --...

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October 31, 2001 by Canadian Plastics

Dusseldorf, Germany —
– INCOE INTERNATIONAL has launched a new series of multi-tip hot runners at K. The DMT Multi-tip is ideal for applications requiring small distances between gates, such as caps and closures, according to Christian Striegel, Incoe application specialist.
– HENNECKE POLYURETHANE TECHNOLOGY has introduced a new line of machines for processing Vulkollan and other polyurethane cast elastomers. Critical features of the ElastoLine machines include a redesigned temperature control and metering system to provide enhanced accuracy of processing conditions. The machine is modular in design and can accommodate two-, three-, or four-component processes. Two years in development, ElastoLine was built in response to an increased demand for cast elastomer, says Donald Folajtar, general manager, Hennecke Machinery Group.