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New enhanced flame treater from Proco delivers productivity improvements for blow molders

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The unit features automatic self-ignition controls that ignite and control the flame only when required.

Photo Credit: Proco Machinery Inc.

Proco Machinery Inc., a Mississauga, Ont.-based manufacturer of automation systems for the blow molding industry, has introduced an upgraded flame treater which aims to deliver high-productivity features, resulting in major cost savings.

The new unit features several additional enhancements including automatic self-ignition controls that ignite and control the flame only when required, the company said, resulting in major energy savings which directly lowers operating costs.

The new flame treater is a major enhancement for bottle manufacturing automation systems. The system is equipped with built-in safety features including electronic sensors which monitor the flow of containers in and out of the flaming area. In the event of a jam, the flame automatically stops and an alarm sounds to alert an operator.

“Our upgraded product meets the growing demands of processors who seek time savings and cost reductions in their automation systems,” said Siva Krish, vice president of sales and marketing. “We have responded to our customers’ needs with the latest technology.”


The flame treater is designed to give consistent results and maximize the quality of the finished container. The combustion system has been highly engineered to provide maximum flame control and efficiency. This control provides optimum surface quality for decorating or labeling applications.

The Proco Flame Treater is versatile and can be adapted for a wide range of products. Optional features can accommodate just about any configuration. Models are available to handle containers as large as 45-gal drums. Burners can be adjusted in height and width. Angular adjustments can be made for irregular or tapered containers.

Proco offers two models – a two-burner system for rectangular containers which flame treats two sides of the bottle, and a four-burner flame treater for treatment of round bottles. The four-burner unit comes with an in-built container turning mechanism for rotating the container after flame treating two sides so that bottles are treated fully.

The standard model is supplied with a stainless-steel conveyor, normally 6-in wide by 72-in long. It comes equipped with adjustable guide rails and a variable speed motor. The height of the unit can be adjusted easily via the hand wheel located on top of the main column. The burner assemblies, combustion control, and conveyor are all mounted to a common support structure so they all move together when the height is adjusted, avoiding stretching on pinching of pipes or wires.

Proco has incorporated numerous safety feature to protect operators and the plant. Proco offers the advanced safety features with full communication for the flame treaters. The system is well protected by in-built safety guards with interlocking doors. The PLC system monitors all the doors for activities and signal is displaced on the HMI. The conveyor is monitored with an encoder to ensure it provides accurate feedback to the PLC.

The unit comes with an in-built infrared flaming sensor to monitor any fire threat on the bottle line. In case of any emergency, the unit will automatically shut down and an alarm will alert the operator. There is also a smoke sensor to detect if there is any smoke. The hood situated at the top of the Proco Flame Treater can be connected to the exhaust.

The portable unit is fitted with wheels and can be moved easily throughout the plant.


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