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Injection molding machine maker Woojin has new Canadian representation

The Korean-based company is now being represented by Plastic Automation Engineering Inc. in all provinces except Quebec.

December 30, 2019   Canadian Plastics

Toronto-based machinery sales firm Plastic Automation Engineering Inc. (PAE) is the new representative for Woojin Plaimm Co. Ltd.’s injection molding machines in most of Canada.

PAE is now representing Korea-based Woojin in all Canadian provinces except Quebec.

Founded in 1985, Woojin is said to be Korea’s largest injection molding maker, producing about 2,700 machines a year. The company manufactures a wide range of hydraulic, all-electric, two-platen, and hybrid presses between 30 and 4,300 tons.

Nick Doiu

PAE was founded in 1990, and is headed by general manager Nick Doiu. The firm also employs Mihai (Michael) Nicula.


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