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Haitian Mars III IMM now available in Canada and the U.S.

The servo-hydraulic machine from Absolute Haitian all-electric unit has numerous upgrades plus a new fast-cycling version.

August 5, 2021   Canadian Plastics


On the heels of launching Generation 3 for the electric molding machine product lines earlier this year, processing machinery maker Absolute Haitian is making the Mars III, the third generation of its servo-hydraulic injection molding machines, available for molders in Canada and the U.S.

Mars III IMMs are available with clamping forces from 67 to 3,709 U.S. tons (600 to 33,000 kN) and provide solutions for all standard molding applications, Haitian officials said.


The latest technology in the Mars III includes new developments in hardware and software; optimized drives (Motion Plus) to improve accuracy and responsiveness; and an open communication strategy (Connectivity Plus) for automation and business interfaces leaves the customer free to choose integration partners and improve business operations, increasing processing and production flexibility.

“Additionally, the new generation of hydraulic servo drives in combination with a new generation of inverter promises more power and ensures more precise movement of all axes,” said Mike Ortolano, one of the owners of Absolute Haitian and chief technology officer.

Injection unit improvements include injection unit speed increases ranging from six per cent to 19 per cent on models under 1,200 tons and three percent to five per cent on models over 1,200 tons, facilitating shorter cycle times; newly designed plasticizing components for increased pressure and injection speeds; injection carriage and injection movement supported by linear guides with a lower friction coefficient, higher operational accuracy and lower energy consumption; and a new high-performance servo drive system for injection acceleration (100 milliseconds versus 200 milliseconds in earlier generations) and deceleration response during injection; more precise back pressure control.

Clamp unit improvements include optimized platen design for centralized force transmission to the mold; graphite/steel bushings that provide better lubrication and lower lubrication consumption, improving the life of the clamping unit; improved repeatability of mold opening and closing by optimization of the overall clamp structure, oil circuit and programming; and a flexible part drop area with an open base on the front side to accommodate part removal conveyors.

Absolute Haitian, based in Worcester, Mass., is the exclusive sales and service partner in the U.S. and Canada for Haitian International, in Ningbo, China.

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