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Good Natured Products expands its line of plant-based kitchen products

The launch highlight's the Vancouver company's diversification into a range of plant-based materials including fiber and flexible film.

August 17, 2021   Canadian Plastics

In a move that signals its diversification into a broad range of plant-based materials including fiber and flexible film, Vancouver-based biopolymer producer Good Natured Products Inc. has launched its plant-based bin bags, zipper bags, and retail-packed compostable tableware.

Designed to replace petroleum-based trash liners, the bin bags are made of USDA Certified bio-based low density polyethylene (LDPE) that’s manufactured with annually renewable sugarcane; the zipper bags are made of bio-LDPE offering the same strength and durability of traditional brand-name zipper bags and contain no harmful chemicals; and the compostable tableware – which includes plates, bowls, hot cups and cutlery – are made from tree-free fiber, heat-resistant Polylactic acid (PLA) and SFI paperboard, and is certified compostable, 97 per cent plant-based and can withstand multiple runs through the dishwasher.

Image Credit: CNW Group/Good Natured Products

“We are laser focused on our promise to make it easy and affordable for our retailers and their customers to switch to plant-based products,” said Paul Antoniadis, chair and CEO of Good Natured. “By growing our assortment and offering of affordable plant-based options, we’re providing a strong incentive and opportunity for our retail partners to make a collective positive environmental impact that also makes sense for their business.”

Founded in 2006 and formerly known as Solegear Bioplastic Technologies Inc., Good Natured is a plant-based products and packaging company that designs, produces, and distributes bioplastics for use in packaging and durable product applications. The company changed its name to Good Natured Products in 2017.


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