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Experience as valuable as education: Gros Plastic Recruiters

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Five years of work experience is just as valuable as an education to 41% of employers in the US plastics and packag...

Five years of work experience is just as valuable as an education to 41% of employers in the US plastics and packaging industry, according to a recent survey conducted by Gros Plastics Recruiters (Brentwood, TN).
Gros Plastics Recruiters, an executive recruiting firm that specializes in the plastics industry, surveyed 476 hiring managers and human resources (HR) professionals in plastics and packaging firms across the US. This is the first such survey conducted by the firm.
Dennis Gros, president of Gros Plastics Recruiters, said he’s seen this trend in action. Firms that are recruiting are indeed considering people who have the experience but not the education, and this isn’t confined to only one profession. It applies across the board, ranging from production and manufacturing, to engineering, sales and design, Gros said.
Right now the most lucrative area of employment in the plastics and packaging industry is in research and development, and new product development, according to respondents. That’s where they would advise young people to take their careers, the report said.
However, hiring managers at plastics and packaging firms are underestimating the percentage of their employees who are looking for new jobs, according to the survey.
About 62% of respondents said that a turnover rate of 5% was acceptable at their organization. However, a prior survey of employees at the same plastics and recruiting firms, showed that up to 34% of respondents would actively search for a new job in 2005. Gros conducted its inaugural salary survey in fall of 2004, with plans to do perform it annually.
“Managers aren’t prepared for the mindset of curious and possibly restless employees,” Gros said. “Our message to managers then: Take care of your people.”
Indeed, the results from Gros Plastic Recruiters’ fall 2004 salary survey indicate a certain degree of unrest within employee ranks.
Findings from Gros Plastics Recruiters October 2004 salary survey show that:
10% were afraid their jobs would not next exist within
a year
59% were extremely happy with their job
34% would start seeking employment within a year
12% were actively seeking new employment
63% work 46 hours a week, or more
10% work 40 hours a week, or less
The average salary of a CEO in the plastics and
packaging industry was US$158,969
The average salary of a process engineer was
The average salary of a mold designer was US$49,533


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