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Canadian auto parts industry goes on offensive against U.S. protectionism

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A new survey being conducted by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association seeks to detail the level of integration in the North American auto industry.

In a response to the growing threat of American economic protectionism, the leading association representing Canada’s auto parts industry has launched an initiative to gather information about Canadian companies that have operations in the U.S.

The Toronto-based Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA) is conducting a survey it calls “Measure of Canadian Companies Having a U.S. Manufacturing Footprint.” The survey’s goal is to determine how many facilities Canadian companies operate in the U.S., how many total employees they have currently employed in the U.S., and which U.S. electoral districts those plants are in.

“Not only will your submission assist our efforts, but it will also assist your company as we take the aggregate State statistical information to Washington and remind individual congressional representatives that while companies in their jurisdictions may be Canadian owned, the jobs created are America,” APMA said. “With your help, [we] can and will ensure that healthy trade relations between Canada and the U.S. stay strong and productive for many years to come.”

The survey is part of a broader effort by APMA that involves working with its U.S. counterparts MEMA/OESA. The goal is to “inform new lawmakers in Washington about the integrated supply chain and investments made throughout the continent,” APMA said. “In the coming months, APMA will be coordinating our efforts to inform them of the many Canadian automotive parts manufacturers that have operations in the U.S., employing thousands of Americans.”


For more information on the APMA survey, click on this link.


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