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New Magna technology offers shape-changing auto body components

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The company's 'Morphing Surfaces' technology allows the surface of the vehicle to change and adapt to improve its efficiency and features.

Photo Credit: Magna International Inc.

Canadian automotive parts supplier Magna International Inc. has introduced “Morphing Surfaces,” a vehicle exterior solution that reportedly enables advanced aero and cooling performance. The technology can reportedly integrate shape-changing body components into advanced vehicle exteriors.

Morphing Surfaces is an enabling technology that allows the surface of the vehicle to change and adapt to improve its efficiency and features, officials with Aurora, Ont.-based Magna said in a Dec. 20 news release.

According to Magna, Morphing Surfaces technology employs active “bendable” surfaces that can be designed to visually blend into a vehicle’s body while opening or closing to optimize cooling, venting or aerodynamics when required. This creates more possibilities for vehicle designers to balance aesthetics and aero performance in future vehicles.

Depending on the vehicle, Magna said, a typical application could achieve up to a 10 per cent reduction in drag resulting in up to a five per cent range extension in electric vehicles without foregoing the sleek, clean designs prized by modern automotive designers and customers.


“Morphing Surfaces exemplifies the way Magna looks beyond today’s offerings and imagines what is possible around future vehicle designs,” said Grahame Burrow, global president, Magna Exteriors. “Magna is uniquely positioned to turn this vision into reality thanks to our extensive experience developing a suite of aerodynamic solutions and our systems approach to integration of advanced technology into vehicles.”


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