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General Motors redesigns its logo for the electric vehicle era

General Motors is changing its corporate logo and launching an electric vehicle marketing campaign to reshape its image as clean vehicle company.

January 11, 2021   Canadian Plastics

GM’s new logo. Image Credit: General Motors

For the first time in more than 50 years, and as part of a push to invest heavily in electric vehicles, automaker General Motors is redesigning its corporate logo.

The new logo replaces the familiar blue background and underlined uppercase “GM” initials with a blue box surrounding lowercase GM initials; also, the underline is shorter and appears only under the “m. ”

“The new GM logo features a color gradient of vibrant blue tones, evoking the clean skies of a zero-emissions future and the energy of the Ultium platform,” GM said in a Jan. 8 news release. “The rounded edges and lower-case font create a more modern, inclusive feel. The underline of the ‘m’ connects to the previous GM logos as well as visually representing the Ultium platform. And within the negative space of the ‘m’ is a nod to the shape of an electrical plug.”

GM’s latest logo marks only the fifth significant change to the company’s insignia throughout the Detroit-based company’s 113-year history. The last time GM updated its logo was in 1964.


The logo change is part of a new ad campaign starting next week that will redefine GM’s corporate image and marketing strategy. Kicking things off will be a digital campaign called “Everybody In,” a series of ads designed to introduce a new generation of buyers to the company’s forthcoming line of EVs. GM has promised to invest US$27 billion in EV and AV products through 2025, and to roll out 30 new battery-powered vehicles globally by the end of 2025.

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