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European Patent Office confirms DSM patent position for Diablo automotive technology

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Netherlands-based material supplier Royal DSM has won a patent dispute related to its Diablo temperature-resistant technology.

In a statement, DSM said the European Patent Office has overturned an attempt to revoke the company’s patent for its proprietary Diablo product offering.

“Diablo technology…improves the long-term temperature resistance of materials and has been applied to various types of polyamide,” the DSM statement said. “DSM not only uses it itself for its Stanyl and Akulon polyamides, but also licenses it to other material suppliers.”

Diablo technology is typically used in automotive industry applications where the materials used are required to have good thermal stability over extended periods of time at elevated temperature, DSM said. The technology provides what DSM calls a “significant improvement in long-term temperature resistance components”, such as air intake manifolds with integrated intercoolers, ducts, charge air cooler end caps, mixing tubes and resonators used in the latest car engines.


According to DSM, Diablo provides for stable mechanical performance of over 3,000 hours continuous use at temperatures higher than 200°C.

“If you do not see a drop in performance in these conditions, then the chance is high that DSM’s Diablo technology is being used, whether or not it is correctly licensed. I strongly recommend part makers to check the legal situation before starting an expensive part validation process,” said Kurt Maschke, Global Segment Manager Air/Fuel. “We encourage OEMs and system suppliers to check this carefully and contact us if they have any doubts.”


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