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Automation supplier Sanctuary AI signs strategic partnership with Magna

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The partnership supports the development, deployment, and scaling of general-purpose robots.

Image Credit: Sanctuary AI

Vancouver-based automation developer Sanctuary AI is partnering with automotive parts maker Magna International to support the development, deployment, and scaling of general-purpose robots.

This collaboration includes Sanctuary AI’s development of general-purpose AI robots for deployment in Magna’s manufacturing operations; a multi-disciplinary assessment of improving cost and scalability of robots using Magna’s automotive product portfolio, engineering and manufacturing capabilities; and a strategic equity investment by Magna.

Magna is excited to partner with Sanctuary AI in our shared mission to advance the future of manufacturing,” said Todd Deaville, vice-president of advanced manufacturing innovation at Magna. “By integrating general purpose AI robots into our manufacturing facilities for specific tasks, we can enhance our capabilities to deliver high-quality products to our customers.”

Magna reportedly aims to leverage Sanctuary AI robots’ capabilities across multiple applications within automotive manufacturing processes. The partnership aims to catalyze the scaling of Sanctuary AI’s robots while maturing the technology for use in challenging manufacturing environments for Magna and other industrial and automotive customers.


“We founded Sanctuary AI with the goal to become the first organization in the world to create human-like AI,” said Geordie Rose, CEO and co-founder of Sanctuary AI. “World-changing goals like these require world-changing partners. Magna’s position as a world leader in the use of robots today makes this partnership an essential advancement for our mission. We’re privileged to be working with Magna, and believe they will be a key element in the successful global deployment of our machines.”

Sanctuary AI has developed a number of cutting-edge technologies, including dexterous human-like hands, developed for its humanoid general-purpose robot Phoenixand its AI control system, Carbon.


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