Technicians, Engineers, Managers, Quality Control Personnel, Extruded Product Purchasers,
Product and Service Providers or anyone else involved with any of these extrusion processes:

Textiles • Extrusion Blow Molding • Compounding
Product Extrusion: - Pipe, Sheet, Film, Profiles, Wire & Cable Coating, Monofilaments, Extrusion Coating


ALLAN GRIFF, Consulting Engineer
Edison Technical Services & Griff Extrusion Seminars
El Ceritto, CA

Allan has been an independent consultant to the plastics and packaging industries for over fifty years. He has given over 400 public and in-house seminars since 1979.

He literally “wrote the book” on extrusion, and is the author of the first book on extrusion published in the USA (Plastics Extrusion Technology, 1962, 2nd ed. 1968). He is also the author of The Plastics Extrusion Operating Manual, updated each year since 1983, with 40,000 copies in the field, as well as numerous articles for trade journals.

His private technical consulting work, mostly in extrusion, has covered training, help in equipment selection, start-up, and process improvement.

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