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Deep recess handle puts the pinch grip in a death grip

There’s nothing wrong with rapid innovation – the sudden leap from black and white to color TV 50-odd years ago comes to mind – but most products improve gradually. It’s not particularly sexy but it definitely works.
Feb 4, 2013

Brace yourself for custom, 3D-printed casts

If you’ve ever had a fractured limb, you know how unpleasant a cast can be. They’re bulky and uncomfortable — not to mention a blank canvas for embarrassing sketches by family and friends. But a Toronto start-up is using 3D...
Feb 1, 2013

Ontario blow molder gets ERP turbocharge

There’s nothing wrong with writing things down on paper by hand — it’s how Shakespeare and America’s Founding Fathers did it, among others. But let’s face it: it’s no way to run a business in the Internet Age.
Jan 17, 2013

HOT RUNNERS: Gate Crashers

Fact: Valve gating has become the preferred method of gating for precision molders, offering a  more stable injection process without stringing and drooling of the melt. And these are particularly interesting times for valves gates: two...
Nov 13, 2012

Taking a fresh look at LIQUID COLORANTS

All plastics processors out there who don’t want to gain a competitive advantage, raise your hands. Nobody, right? Well, interest in one such solution is spiking right now: a growing number of processors are considering liquid colorants...
Oct 1, 2012

GO WEST: Eyeing expansion, Quebec's Polykar installs high-efficiency bag-converting system

Saint-Laurent, Que.-based Polykar is a bit of a rare bird: the garbage bag, food packaging and polyethylene film maker sells exclusively in Canada through a network of distributors.
Aug 31, 2012

Small Cape Breton Island cast polypropylene supplier is making a big splash

Most of us probably know Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island for a few specific things: the Cabot Trail, the coal industry, and maybe the Rankin Family.
Aug 24, 2012

Ontario engraving shop installs rare laser ablation system

A small industrial engraving company in Windsor, Ont., has gone where almost no other Canadian job shop has gone before: it’s offering laser ablation services for moldmakers.
Aug 12, 2012

ROBOTS: A matter of control

Underperformance is a drag. Ever go to the movies and watch an actor clearly phoning in his lines, or to a concert and listen as the singer just goes through the motions? Irritating, right? Now imagine that you’re a plastics part molder,...
Jul 9, 2012

CHILLERS: A discrete question

As every plastics processor knows, there’s only one alternative to a central chilling system: portable chillers — small units mounted on casters that can roll from application to application.
Jun 5, 2012

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